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Wire Rope Isolators
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Wire Rope Isolators

Wire Rope Isolators

Wire rope isolators are passive isolation equipment’s that help in the isolation of vibration and shock from industrial machines and equipment’s. These isolation equipment’s come in varying forms and sizes depending on its requirement in the industry. Designed for heavy duty industrial applications, these wire rope isolates any form of vibration arising from machines and protects them from all sorts of damage. Made of stainless steel cables or wire strands and stainless steel retaining screws makes them an ideal maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant isolation equipment that protects products in all directions. Wire rope isolators are mainly used in applications or equipment where they need to be mounted against shock or vibration and where sound isolation is of minor importance.

Andre HVAC offers a wide range of vibration wire rope isolators for equipment’s that require vibration and shock dampening. We provide you a wide variety of these equipment’s made from different materials and of varying sizes. Made of high quality materials, these wire rope isolators are highly corrosion resistant making it the right choice for corrosive environment. Not just that our products have high dampening capabilities which makes it an efficient yet effective equipment for isolation.

Wire rope isolators are perfect for isolation & absorption of shock & vibration. These are systems that require no special attention or any sort of maintenance. They are functional even under adverse environmental conditions. These wire rope isolators dampening systems are mainly used in HVAC equipment’s, motor generators & compressors, shipping containers and in a number of medical & electronic equipment’s for effective vibration isolation. These one of a kind equipment’s that feature crimping pattern and come along with a variety of mounting options that are available in varied sizes. The vibration Wire rope isolators ensure efficient performance in terms of high frequency vibration dampening that arise in various commercial, industrial, and defence industrial application.

Equipment’s like these wire rope isolators are comparatively better and much more efficient than the conventional steel mounts or other elastic dampers in terms of performance and absorption of shock and vibration damping. While vibration wire rope isolators offer high level shock and vibration isolation, they are also beneficial in terms of supporting the structing in which they are installed. Customized and designed for easy use and installation the wire rope isolators can be easily loaded in any direction without the risk of malfunctioning of the application in which they are installed.

Using of equipment’s like the wire rope isolators increases the potential durability of all the equipment in which they are installed. Not just that they also increase its reliability, and overall productivity in the industry by enhancing the operation speed & improving the production quality of the machine. Further these wirerope isolators are known to reduce the potential damage caused due to high frequency shock & vibration by the machines. although small in size these equipment’s require minimum space for installation and deliver maximum isolation efficiency for a given equipment in the industry.

What really makes these cables or is wire rope isolators so effective is that they are made of high quality stainless steel cable woven in metal retaining bars that offers perfect surface mounting for the application in which they are installed. Further the configuration of the wire rope isolator provides resilience and good cushioning to the fragile load that helps in absorption of vibration with its wide frequency spectrum. Moreover, the cable or wire rope isolators are operational in any position be it compression, extension, shear, or even roll. What makes these equipment’s even more special is that it provides protection to the machines in all axes simultaneously during operation.

So, be it domestic appliances or any heavy duty industrial machineries, these equipment’s will surely be the best option for quality shock & vibration absorption from the applications. Vibration isolation wire ropes are generally used in various types of military applications, rough terrain vehicles, industrial and medical equipment, shipping containers.  At Andre HVAC Inc we help our clients meet all the system requirements for domestic, industrial, commercial, and defence applications by catering a wide assortment of wire rope isolators at a very reasonable price. The products offered here are not just of the highest quality but also reasonably priced for our clients, making it the best choice in the industry for vibration isolation. Here different types of wire rope isolators are available including helical wire rope, circular wire rope, and even square wire rope isolators for various application.

The wire rope isolators offered by Andre HVAC are ingenious. These equipment’s can also be customized to suit specific requirements. The vibration wire rope isolators are basically stainless-steel wires that are twisted into a cable and is mounted between two bars. We can customize this equipment by simply changing the thickness of the cable, the number of loops and the angle of mounting which would provide specific behaviour or results under a given shock and/or vibration load. In short, these wire rope isolators can be constructed and easily fine-tune to specific customer requirements, or as per industry needs. This applicable in case of both bulk orders as well as for small quantities. All the products that we offer here are of the highest quality and comply to both national and international standards making them the most reliable equipment for any industry.