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Seismic Spring Mounts
ASRM-200 Series

 Deflection: 2"

 Load Range: 80 - 2798 lbs

SS-1-100 Series

Deflection: 1"

Load Range: 63 - 3125 lbs

SS-1-200 Series

Deflection: 2"

Load Range: 50 - 2492 lbs

SS-A-100 Series

Deflection: 1"

Load Range: 30 - 700 lbs

SS-B-200 Series

Deflection: 2"

Load Range: 80 - 2518 lbs

SSR-1 Series

Deflection: 2"

Load Range: 110 - 2798 lbs

SSR-C Series

Deflection: 3"

Load Range: 4500 - 9000 lbs

SSR-2 Series

Deflection: 2"

Load Range: 220 - 5596 lbs

Seismic Spring Mounts

Andre HVAC International Inc (AHI) is a leader & consultant in the field of Seismic Vibration Isolation. AHI is manufacturing Seismic Vibration Isolators in Canada since 2003. AHI is providing complete range of products like Seismic Vibration Isolators for 1" deflection, Seismic Vibration Isolators for 2" deflection, Seismic cables, Seismic rod clamp etc.

Seismic Isolators consist of heavy duty steel springs, Neoprene Snubbers & Steel Housing.

Function of Seismic Vibration Isolators

  • All seismic restraints are designed to withstand seismic forces of approximately 2G even at maximum rated load.

  • All seismic vibration Isolators are suitable & safe for most critical applications (including Zone 4 areas).

  • The function of Seismic Vibration Isolators is to absorb vibration of rotating machines & restraints Seismic forces from all direction during earthquakes

Application Of Seismic Restraints

Seismic vibration isolators are used for absorbing vibration & restraints seismic forces for air handling units, centrifugal fans, pumps & chillers etc when these units are installed near seismic zones.

Features Of Seismic Vibration Mounts

  • Built in leveling device in all different types of Seismic Isolators manufactured by AHI.

  • Anti skid elastomeric acoustical pad is standard with all seismic restraints.

  • Can be supplied Seismic vibration mounts with shipping block for OEM companies.

  • Seismic restraints prevent damages of equipment & building from seismic forces created because of earthquakes & there by save a lot.