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Rubber in Shear Mounts
RMD Series

Load Range: 30 - 2200 lbs


Rubber in Shear Mounts

ANDRE HVAC International Inc (AHI) is leader & consultant of Vibration & Noise Control products for HVAC Industries. AHI is manufacturing Rubber in Shear Mounts in Canada since 2003. AHI is providing complete range of products of Rubber in Shear Mounts from load range of 30 lbs to 2200 lbs in different sizes. AHI manufacture Rubber in Shear Mounts in double deflection in place of single deflection for better vibration absorption. AHI also manufacture Grommets and Snubbers.

Function & Application of Rubber in Shear Mounts

The function & application of Rubber in Shear Mounts are to absorb vibration & noise of Fans, Fan Coil units, Fan Motor assembly of Air Handling units & Pumps etc. These rubber mounts are double deflection types which are having better efficiency comparing with single deflection rubber in shear mounts.

Features of Double Deflection Rubber in Shear Mounts

The Rubber in Shear Mount is manufactured from high grade Neoprene. This material offers outstanding durability properties like Water/ Weather Resistance, Ozone Resistance & Oil resistance etc. Rubber in shear mount include top & bottom steel plates for uniform load distribution. Mounting holes furnished as standard.