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Wire Rope Isolators

Wire Rope Isolators

Wire Rope Isolators
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The VS series isolators are made from helical wire rope which is held with rugged metal retaining bars. No other isolator in the market can match the versatility and performance characteristics of the Helical Cable Isolator. From its multi-axis isolation, to its ability to function in the most hostile of environments, the Helical Cable Isolator combines the best features of other isolation devices into one cost effective product. Originally designed for military applications, it has become increasingly popular in industrial and commercial markets as engineers and designers become more familiar with its capabilities. The VS Series can handle loads of less than one pound (VS2's) to over 5,000 pounds (VS40's); and with over 100 standards sizes, AHI has by far the most extensive line in the industry.

Standard Wire Rope isolators are made from 300 series Stainless Steel Cable & Screws, with Anodized Aluminum retainer bars. Other materials are also available as alternative like retainer bars of Stainless Steel 304, etc. The isolators are ozone, oil, salt spray resistant & can be used for any environmental conditions. Contact AHI for specials material, size, mounting holes, finish etc.


  • Corrosion Resistance: The all stainless steel & aluminium allow construction make Cable Isolators the best choice for hostile & corrosive environments.
  • Wide Temperature Range:  -200° F to 500° F.
  • Multi-Axis Capability: Cable Isolators provide unsurpassed multi-axis isolation for both shock & vibration.
  • Maintenance Free: Once installed, cable Isolators are virtually maintenance free & will usually outlast the equipment they were designed to protect.
  • Fail Safe Design: Even under conditions of extreme overload, when the functional limits of the isolator have been exceeded, the mount will still act to restrain the equipment.
  • High Damping: The frictional damping generated by the rubbing of the individual strands of cable, gives the isolator a substantial energy dissipating capability (C/Cc      0.20). It is the same damping quality that keeps the transmissibility at resonance low (~2.5).
  • Exceptional reliability & long life.