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Spring Mounts
Y-2-200 Series

Deflection: 2"

Load Range: 100 - 2992 lbs

Y-4-100 Series

Deflection: 1"

Load Range: 170 - 8800 lbs

Y-4-200 Series

Deflection: 2"

Load Range: 200 - 9968 lbs

Spring Vibration Mounts / Spring Vibration Isolators

ANDRE HVAC International Inc (AHI) is leader & Consultant of Vibration & Noise control products for HVAC Industries. AHI is manufacturing Spring Mounts/Spring Vibration Isolators in CANADA since 2003. AHI is providing complete range of products like Housed type spring mounts for 1" deflection, Housed type Spring mounts for 2" deflection, Housed type Spring Mounts for 3" deflection, Open type (Unhoused) spring mounts for 1" & 2" deflection, Spring mounts for Inertia base, Rubber cup spring mounts, Restrained Spring mounts for 1", 2" & 3" deflection. These Isolators consist of heavy duty steel springs Steel or cast iron housing.

Function & Application of Spring Mounts/Vibration Isolators Floor Mounted

The function of Spring Mounts is to absorb vibration & vibration related noise of rotating machines like fan, Air handling units, Pump & generators etc. The function & Vibration Absorber by spring mounts will be better if you use higher deflection springs like 2" or 3". The efficiency goes upto 95%. The Restrained types of Spring Mounts are normally used for Chiller & Cooling towers for reducing the vibration. The function of restrained spring mounts is to restrained spring action during the maintenance of Chiller or Cooling Towers.

Features of Spring Mounts/Vibration Isolators

Built in leveling device in all different types of Spring Mounts or Spring Vibration Isolators manufactured by AHI. Anti skid elastomeric acoustical pad is standard with all AHI Spring mounts. Vibration Isolators are provided with slotted mounting holes on base for bolting to floor. Cast Iron spring mounts can also be supplied with flattop or non skid neoprene top load surface in case of internal adjustment.

Springs are galvanised & not painted for better rust protection.