Everything that you need to know about wire rope isolators

What are wire rope isolators?
Wire rope isolators are high performing isolation equipments used as shock absorber and vibration isolator in various applications. These wire isolators are critical vibration dampers that help limit vibration and offer excellent performance under the most severe conditions. Further, Vibration wire rope isolators are known to last long and have the capability to adapt to elastic displacement allowing multi-directional vibration isolation.

Application and Construction of wire rope vibration isolators-
Vibration isolation wire ropes are generally used in various types of military applications, rough terrain vehicles, industrial and medical equipment, shipping containers. Wire rope isolators or wire rope vibration mounts offered by Andre HVAC Inc is constructed of aluminum alloy retaining bars, stainless steel cables and stainless steel screws. These Wire Rope Isolators are designed and built for heavy-duty applications that are used in various industries. In addition to these cable isolators are maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant and offer multi-directional isolation protection for applications.

Types of wire rope isolators- It is essential to buy wire rope isolators as per the requirement of the application in which it is used. In general wire rope isolators come in four variants and they are as follows
• Heavy duty wire rope isolator
Heavy duty wire rope isolators are cable isolators that feature stainless steel cable and used in applications that require powerful vibration isolation. These wire rope isolators provide multi-dimensional vibration and shock isolation when in use and are made of high quality stainless steel cable with aluminum alloy retaining bars designed for maximum shock and vibration isolation. These vibration isolators are corrosion-resistance and requires no or minimum maintenance. They are very easy to install and offer good vibration and shock damping. Compact wire rope isolators
Compact wire rope isolators are wire isolators small in size and ideal for applications that have space constrain. Similar to any wire rope mounts, these equipments too offer vibration and shock isolation. The only difference is that these wire rope vibration isolators are smaller size. The compact wire rope mounts are designed and built of high quality stainless steel cable, aluminum alloy and mounted for maximum vibration isolation. These low profile vibration isolators are corrosion-resistant and unaffected by harsh environmental conditions
• Medium load wire rope isolators
Medium load wire rope isolators provide multi-dimensional vibration and shock isolation capabilities for all applications. These vibration wire rope isolators are corrosion-resistant, maintenance free and easy to install. The wire rope isolators are resistant to harsh environmental conditions and temperatures, oils, humidity, chemicals, nuclear, dust and erosion of organic solvent. Medium load wire rope isolators are versatile and can be installed in many different ways. They offer elastic support for heavy-duty equipment such as generators

• Circular wire rope isolators
Circular wire rope isolators are circular in shape and are comparatively more compact in design. These wire isolators are ideal for applications that have space constrains. These wire rope isolators provide excellent vibration and shock isolation even though smaller in size. Besides, our circular wire rope mounts are corrosion-resistant, features easy maintenance and installation in addition to vibration damping. These Circular wire rope vibration isolators provide multi-directional vibration isolation while also providing elastic support for heavy-duty equipment such as generators.


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