Wire rope isolators for an ultimate protection against vibration and shock

Impact of vibration and shock

Shock and vibration influences or rather affect the performance and life expectancy of any mechanical and electrical device, be it large or small. This in turn hampers the overall working of the industry. It is therefore essential to install a vibration and shock isolation equipment to your machine like cable isolators/ wire rope isolators to protect it from any possible damage.

Benefits of cable isolators – wire rope isolators

Generally, protection against shock and dampening of vibration is accomplished with the help of resilient isolation equipment. So, while there are number of isolation equipment available in the market, the most effective and efficient ones are cable isolators. These wire rope isolators provide high level of isolation from shock and vibration as compared to any other type of isolation device.

What makes Andre HVAC cable isolators/ wire rope isolators so effective?

  • Our cable isolators are made of high quality stainless steel cable that is wound into metal retaining bars for a perfect surface mounting.
  • The helix configuration of the wire isolator provides resilience required to cushion fragile loads as well as substantial loads that ultimately help in absorption of vibration through its wide frequency spectrum.
  • The cable isolators are operational in any position including compression, extension, shear, or roll.
  • In addition to the above benefit our cable isolators/wire rope isolators provide protection to the machines in all axes simultaneously.
  • Designed and constructed of metal, our isolators are resilient to extreme environment and are also maintenance free.

Applications of cable isolators/ wire rope isolators

Cable isolators are known to protect a broad range of loads including

  • Fragile machines like electronic equipment, computer hardware, optical device.
  • Heavy duty equipments like heavy engines, machinery, vehicles etc.

Most commonly these wire rope isolators are used in industrial, aviation, defense, infrastructure and rail industries for dampening of vibration and shock from machines.

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