Wire rope isolators for seismic protection and vibration isolation of industrial applications

Wire rope isolators are widely used as an isolation equipment in the industry for a variety of applications. Other than providing vibration, noise and shock isolation these wire vibration isolators aid in protecting sensitive equipment’s from seismic events. Wire rope isolators are also known for offering shock and vibration protection for sensitive equipment and applications. Their unique features make them an ideal solution for shock and vibration problems. Further, their capabilities of protecting application during seismic events has helped the product gain great popularity in the industry.

The wire rope isolator design consists of coil springs that have the special capability of offering effective vibration isolation and helps reinforce the equipment to avoid the earthquake frequencies.  They offer substantial damping that reduces the magnification of seismic input at low frequencies. In general, wire rope isolators are great alternate to conventional restrained spring isolators. These wire rope isolation isolators are very powerful and effective when it comes to lowering the effect of seismic frequency. They do not require any additional devices for dampening shock, noise and vibration. The wire vibration isolator reduces the magnification of seismic inputs and thus limits any form of displacements of applications. Further, they perfectly meet the standard seismic building code requirements to be used in the application.

Featuring a versatile mounting altitude, resistant to harsh environment conditions and easy installation design, makes these wire rope isolators the best seismic isolation equipment. Offering superior seismic performance, these wire isolation isolators limit any form of displacements in the application. With installation of wire rope vibration isolators, it decreases the stress levels to acceptable levels and makes it a good isolation equipment. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits of wire vibration isolators, they also offer other benefits in terms of high damping ratio, robust design, maintenance-free design, long life span, easy installation in wide range of applications and resistant to wide temperature range and are unaffected by oil, chemicals or any form of liquid.

You even get compact wire rope isolators that are smaller than the normal wire rope isolators. They are also used in a wide range of applications for maximum isolation of vibration, shock dampening and noise attenuation in minimum space. These seismically designed wire rope isolators offer high degree of dampening with measurable and predictable seismic and vibration isolation. Both these compact wire rope isolators and wire vibration isolators are used in application, depending on the application structure and size in use. Further, considering the purpose of the isolation equipment’s one can use the wire rope isolator guide for select the right equipment for the industrial application in use.


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