Wire rope isolators proved right for vibration and noise reduction

Look at any running equipment, plant, and machinery in the industrial environment and you will find them under the influence of vibration and shock. Irrespective of the fact that it is

anti-vibration mount wire rope isolator

anti-vibration mount wire rope isolator

mechanical, electrical or electronic equipment, vibration and shock tend to shorten the life of the machinery. It is not surprising to find equipment that has been withdrawn from service due to the severe impact of vibrations. A combination of repeated load or fatigue can be detrimental to the health of the machine. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to go in for suitable anti-vibration products like the wire rope vibration isolator.

Noise reduction: Traditionally, the wire rope vibration mounts are used for providing insulation from low-frequency vibrations. The wire vibration isolators are also frequently used for shock isolation applications. Recently a lot of interest has been generated in the use of wire rope vibration isolators for noise reduction within the audible frequency domain. The important parameter here is the stiffness of the wire rope. Thus, going against the popular belief, the wire rope vibration isolator is also suitable for abatement of noise application.

Damping and amplitude: The anti-vibration mount wire rope isolators provide quite a high damping just like rubber isolators. The separate threads of the twisted wire rope generate enough friction and are responsible for the phenomenon. The stiffness is strongly dependent on the frequency but is independent with respect to the vibration amplitudes, within the audible frequency range. The wire rope shock isolators depict a low stiffness for significantly high amplitudes in low-frequency applications. Thus, the behavioral patterns of the wire rope shock mounts are suited for vibration and shock isolation besides noise reduction in the audible frequency domain.

Weather resistance: The wire rope vibration mounts are capable of performing in harsh Tackling vibration, shock, and noise through wire rope mountsconditions. While they operate in a very wide temperature range, they can also withstand corrosion. The material used for the wire rope is stainless steel while the holding bracket is of aluminum and both are almost inert to the corrosive elements like moisture, industrial grease and oil, the ozone layer, and nuclear radiation.

 Characteristics of wire rope isolators:

  • Solid, metallic build
  • Low frequency, highly damped vibration isolation
  • Substantial shock attenuation
  • Can withstand temperatures from -200°F to +650°F
  • Adequately safe application
  • Does not require maintenance

Typical Applications of cable isolators:

  • Avionics and onboard electronics
  • Marine equipment and electronics
  • Telecom and Mobile equipment
  • Disc drives and computers
  • Generators, blowers and ceiling fans
  • Compressors, Motors and Pumps
  • Medical and lab Equipment

Features:  Each cable isolator comes with softened non-linear stiffness. The maximum dynamic displacement is over 70 per cent of the space taken up by the mount. As there is Passive vibration solutions through wire rope isolatorsan increase in displacement the dynamic stiffness of the wire isolator decreases. When you buy wire rope isolators the key lies in the selection of the wire rope. The important features are wire length, number of strands, wire diameter, wire rope twist and number of wire ropes per section. The wire rope shock isolators are capable of providing a damping of around 15 per cent. The wire rope vibration isolators become stiffer as you go in for the maximizing the damping by using larger diameter loops. The basic framework of the cable isolators consists of a heavy duty interwoven stainless steel wire rope and retaining bars made of aluminum alloy. The loops of the wire rope are held tightly by the retaining bars to form a solid build.

Limited space applications: The circular wire rope isolators occupy very little space and are passive in nature. Wherever there is a limitation of space the circular wire vibration isolators are the best bet. The circular wire rope isolators are definitely smaller in size but depict the properties similar to normal wire rope mounts. They also do not require any maintenance and can be termed as “Fit and Forget.”

Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you the wire rope isolators which possess environmental stability and are suited for the applications that demand the highest level of quality, performance and ruggedness. The AHI wire rope shock mounts have a superior logo1.pngresilience. The systems have the ability and strength to restrain load under unfavorable conditions. They rapidly return to the normal operating position after repeated shocks. The wire rope isolators diminish the shock with minimum dynamic travel. Large deflections are required to bring the impacts of heavy shock loads within acceptable limits. The Andre HVAC wire isolators are having a sturdy design which does buckle under shock loads but does not deform permanently or bottom out.

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