Wire Rope Isolators for effective shock & vibration damping

Shock and vibration are often quite disastrous in industrial environments. They tend to erode the life of the machines & other industrial equipment, leading to a premature failure.  This premature deterioration is mainly due to over loadings of vital machine parts which ultimately lead to a complete shutdown.  With the help of wire rope isolators one can resolve all the problems of vibration & shock in various domestic & industrial application. These shock absorbing isolator provide excellent performance in extreme environmental conditions for both shock & vibration damping.

At Andre HVAC Inc we offer an extensive variety of wire rope isolators that plays a critical role in resolving the shock & vibration issue in all applications. These wire rope or cable mounts also popularly known as wire rope isolators are made of heavy steel wire rope cables, constructed through aluminum alloy retaining bars, corrugated & mounted for maximum absorption of shock & vibration. The construction & design of these wire rope isolators is ingenious & is relatively simple in design.

These are ideally the best equipment for isolation & absorption of shock & vibration. They are mainly designed for heavy duty application. These systems require no maintenance & are functional even under adverse environmental conditions. These wire rope isolators are corrosion resistant & least affected by external factors like temperature & solvents like oil, salt water, chemicals etc.

Wire rope isolators are mainly used in HVAC equipments, motor generators & compressors, shipping containers & aircrafts, in various medical & electronic equipments etc for the sole purpose of effective vibration isolation. These isolating equipment features, crimping pattern along with a variety of mounting options designed in varied sizes, to ensure effective performance in terms of high frequency vibration absorption in various commercial, industrial, and defense industrial application. These equipments are comparatively much better than the conventional steel mounts or other elastic dampers in terms of excellent shock absorption and above average vibration damping that it provides.

The advantages of a wire rope isolator is not just limited to the ability of a high level shock and vibration isolation, but are also customized  by their own construction for which they may be easily  loaded in any direction without the risk of malfunctioning of the application in which they are installed . Some of the benefits of wire rope isolators are that they increase the potential durability of all type’s equipment in which they are installed, increases its reliability, beneficial in terms of increasing the operation speed & improves the production quality of the machine. These cable rope mounts reduce the potential damage caused due to high frequency shock & vibration by the machines. Though these isolators are small in size& require bare minimum space but they are sure to deliver maximum isolation efficiency

So whether you work with domestic appliances or work with heavy industrial machineries, your application would certainly require quality shock & vibration absorption equipment. At Andre HVAC Inc we would help you meet all the system requirements for all the domestic, industrial, commercial, aerospace and military applications by catering to all your needs.



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