Wire rope isolators as an equipment perfect for vibration isolation

Vibrations arising from machines tend to damage them and eventually lead to the wear and tear of the machine parts. Besides, we all know how expensive it is to keep equipment’s perfectly balanced. Further it is often inefficient to add structural reinforcements to solve the issue. However, for situations like these wire-rope isolators are cost-effective way for addressing vibration and fatigue caused by machine structures from fatigue. No just that these wire rope vibration isolators also help attenuate shock.

Wire Rope Isolators are equipment’s used commonly in industrial machines for effectively isolating the system from high frequency vibrations. In general, wire rope isolator is categorised as a passive type of isolator that exhibits nonlinear behaviour. They are strong versatile equipment’s made of stranded wire rope place between two metal retainer bars offering excellent vibration isolation. Designed and built strong, these isolators are corrosion resistant and high-performanig equipment’s applicable to a wide a variety of industrial machines. They are industrial equipment resistant to oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and even temperature extremes.

Wire rope isolators or wire rope mounts as we call them are available in wide variety. Manufacturers offer compact wire rope isolators which are smaller than a traditional wire rope and are designed specially to absorb shock and vibration even from the smallest piece of equipment. Their single point mounting feature offers flexibility for integration into any existing products. Further, with their versatile mounting options, crimping patterns, and size variation, these helical isolator products can help the system meet all requirements for industrial, defence, and commercial usage. Both compact wire rope isolators and the traditional type of wire rope isolators can be used in small machines or equipment’s that produce vibrations onto surrounding structures. They can also be used for controlling vibration and thermal expansion.

Even in case industries have a non-standard application one can still use the traditional wire rope isolators. These standard wire vibration isolators can be used nearly in any applications. What’s even better they can be customized as per requirement of the application to suit one’s industrial needs. These vibration isolators are easy for installation and capable of static load deflection. Further their cost effective and durable metal design is suitable for even hostile environment. The equipment is perfect for small equipment’s and suitable with temperatures ranging from -100 to 260 C. Common applications in which wire rope isolators are used includes medical equipment’s, small motors and pumps, drives, mobile electronics, electronic containers etc to name a few.


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