How does a wire rope isolator work as an effective vibration dampening system?

Vibrations in industrial system is usually termed as the undesired mechanical energy generated due to rotating or sliding motions mechanical parts which when transmitted to the other elements of mechanical system results in inefficiency and loss. Vibrations tend to damage machine and sensitive electronics installed in the system. hence it becomes a challenge for any designer to reduce it to the maximum possible extent. Designers while designing any system often incorporate one of the most effective devices, which isolates the source of vibrations from the receiver and restricts the flow of energies by acting as a barrier. Modern day system designs widely incorporate equipment’s like the wire rope isolators, air springs, or elastomers.  However, the inherent property and construction of elastomers restrict its application to attenuate noise and vibration levels. On the other hand, wire rope isolator proves to be very effective and efficient to attenuate noise, vibration levels and shock too.

anti-vibration mount wire rope isolator

anti-vibration mount wire rope isolator

Wire rope isolators distinguish itself with the capability to tackle shock along with undesired vibrations, which affects the system to the maximum extent and assists designer in building noise free, vibration free and shock free system. One of the most widely adopted construction of wire rope isolators is made up of stranded stainless-steel cable that thread through aluminium-alloy retaining bars know as mounting brackets in industrial terminology. It is observed that for a specific application in specific environment, split bar is clamped on to the cables to offer required stability and strength for better vibrational control.

Application and compatibility of wire rope isolators have extended its use in every industry that makes it essential to be constructed for all working environments. In case of chemical industry where highly corrosive and volatile chemicals tend to showcase its effects on all metal component wire rope isolators need to be built with specific corrosive resistant material. Corrosion resistant metal construction gives the wire rope isolators a design strongly unaffected by temperature extremes, ozone, chemicals, oils, and abrasive environment. In modern day industry, it is very challenging and expensive to keep equipment perfectly balanced to get consistent results. Just by adding wire rope isolators on the required element, it protects machine structure, machine welds and brackets from fatigue regaining structural strength and improving performance life of the machine.

Wire rope isolators not only improves machine life, machine stability and machine welds but it also helps in building a system that can deliver consistent and reliable results with accuracy and precision. Wire rope isolators prove to be very effective and efficient because of its below mentioned characteristics which enable designer to build a strong and reliable system. Read the below given characteristics to better understand the features of wire rope isolators.

• Satisfies seismic building code requirements.

• Possesses high damping capacity and doesn’t require additional devices.

• Response can be reliably calculated with appropriate software.

• Offers mitigation or reduced magnification of seismic inputs.

• Modularity allows for customized of wire rope isolators

• strong and Versatile mounting system

• Has the capability of withstanding extreme temperature and resistant to any kind of chemicals, fluids, etc.

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