How does a wire rope isolator bring down the level of shock and vibration in a machine?

Every industry working with machines and equipments often faces issues pertaining to high frequency noise, vibration, shock. Machines working in harsh conditions are usually unable to withstand the ongoing shock and vibration. Hence, these electronic components or machines need to be isolated to prevent any form of damage to the machines and its surroundings areas. Solutions like elastomeric mounts that withstand vibration have limited response to the shock inputs. Further, these elastomerics aren’t resistant to liquid, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Hence, engineers have developed series of wire rope isolators as isolation equipments for machines.

Wire rope isolators are new devices that are designed to handle both shock and vibration attenuation simultaneously. Depending on the requirement, vibration isolation wire ropes are installed in the machines for isolating the entire system. Typically designed for protection from shock and absorption of vibration, the combination of this resilient element along with metallic supporting frame offers the best solution for your machines. In general, there are a variety of vibration wire rope isolators available in the market to meet different requirements of vibration, shock and noise of machines. However, cable mount or cable isolators provide a higher level of isolation from shock and vibration than any other type of isolation device.

A wire vibration isolator once installed works in a specific manner to offer maximum isolation.  They deflect under load, bending the wire cables that create a spring force and in turn offer maximum protection and support to the machine in use.  When the multi-strand wire rope cable isolator flexes, it creates a friction between the wire strands that help converts the kinetic energy into thermal energy which ultimately dissipate the energy created by the vibration. Vibration isolation wire ropes come in a range of widths, height, and cable diameter for accommodating various load capacities of machines. These wire vibration isolators are easy to mount and install and are ideal for machines looking for isolation of both vibration and shock.

Andre HVAC International offers a wide range of wire rope isolators that are made of aluminum bars and stainless-steel wire ropes for a corrosion resistant and extreme temperature resistant solution. This makes our wire isolators virtually impervious to severe conditions, and practically maintenance free equipment. The wire rope isolators that we offer operate well in all forms of compression, tension, and shear. Further, these isolators are known to provide protection in all axis simultaneously. Our wire vibration isolators are not just suitable for harsh working conditions but ideal for any heavy and lightweight applications like industrial machines, medical equipment, small pumps and motors etc. So, in case you wish to buy wire rope isolators, then do give our executives a call to guide you with the purchase.

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