Smart Wire rope isolators and cable mounts for effective vibration and shock isolation

Wire rope isolators also popularly known as cable mounts specialize in high frequency shock and vibration isolation of electronics and industrial applications. These isolation equipment’s are versatile in nature and have the ability to combine both shock and vibration isolation, in relatively small dimensions. In addition to this, the wire rope isolators unique construction facilitates easy installation in any direction, without having to worry of any malfunctioning. They can easily adapt to elastic displacement in all dimensions, allowing multi-directional vibration isolation and further installation in many different ways.

Constructed of stainless steel wires that are twisted into cables and mounted between two bars, these wire rope vibration isolators offer effective dampening. Their construction and versatile features make them an ideal isolation equipment for industrial and electronic applications. Wire rope isolator is a maintenance-free equipment which is not subjected to aging and resistant to external factors like oil, salt water, chemicals and variations in temperature. The wire rope isolators easily work in temperatures ranging from -75°C-+370°C.

Featuring rugged construction, high damping ratio, long life span and most importantly featuring excellent shock and vibration combination makes wire rope vibration isolators an ideal anti-vibration equipment. These wire rope isolators are economical and due to its unique construction can be used in a wide variety of possible fittings. Further, based on the requirement and application in use, these wire vibration isolators can be designed with varying thickness of the cable, number of loops and the angle of mounting, that facilitate isolation under a given shock and vibration load.

Wire rope isolators in general support in isolating vibration of heavy duty machinery such as generators and delicate applications such as precision instruments, processors, communication units, and other such similar equipment’s. These wire rope vibration isolators are popularly used in applications like the electronics, airborne equipment, generators, motors, pumps, blowers, fans, HVAC equipment, marine equipment, mechanical devices, industrial vehicles, fuel tanks, engine suspension, mounted cameras, drones, rough terrain vehicles, industrial and medical equipment, mobile equipment, compressors, shipping containers, computer cases and hard disc drives, industrial and military applications and aircraft.

Broadly available in four variants namely, heavy duty wire rope isolators, compact wire rope isolators, medium load wire rope isolators and circular wire rope isolators, these equipment’s are used based on the application and usage requirement. Heavy duty and medium load wire rope isolators are comparatively larger in size and used in applications that require powerful vibration isolation.  These wire vibration isolators feature large stainless steel braided cable that offer effective vibration isolation. These wire rope vibration isolators provide multi-dimensional vibration and shock isolation capabilities suitable for most industrial applications. While circular and compact wire rope isolators are designed for small applications that have space constrains. However, these wire rope isolators provide same level of vibration and shock isolation capabilities as the normal wire rope mounts but just that these equipment’s are just smaller in size.







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