High Performance wire rope isolators for vibration and shock

Wire rope isolators are vibration isolation equipments used in a wide variety of industrial applications. These high performance wire rope isolators are designed with stainless steel cable and aluminum retaining bars that provide excellent vibration isolation. The wire rope vibration isolators are corrosion resistant, making them environmentally friendly, durable and offering high-performance in a variety of applications. In addition to this, these wire rope isolators are completely resistant to oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and temperature extremes.

The wire rope isolator absorbs shock and vibration from mechanical equipments in operation. Their single point mounting offers flexibility for integration into existing products. With versatile mounting options, crimping patterns, and size variation, it can help your systems meet all requirements for industrial, defense, and commercial uses.  These wire rope vibration mounts and isolators can be used on components where motors and fans produce vibrations onto surrounding structures. They can also be used to control vibration and thermal expansion.

Applications of wire rope isolators

Ideally these equipments are used in all types of military applications, rough terrain vehicles, industrial and medical equipment, shipping containers, aircraft etc. These wire rope shock isolators and vibration isolators are perfect for most of the industrial application today and can be customized to the clients need.

Benefits of wire rope isolators

  • Wire rope isolators provide excellent shock and vibration isolation.
  • These wire isolators’ posses’ high damping ratio.
  • These equipments are extremely rugged construction and are highly durable.
  • These vibration isolation wire ropes are resistant to chemical agents, seawater, ozone, UV rays, etc.
  • The wire rope vibration isolators offer a wide variety of possible fittings.
  • These equipments are easy to install and very economic.

Andre HVAC International Inc, a leading wire rope isolator manufacturer offers you the best isolation solution to your industrial equipments. The Vibrations and shock emitted from machine are studied using various techniques and analyzed to predict their detrimental effect on the equipment and structures. Accordingly, depending on the requirement and suitability of application in use we customize equipments to your need.

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