Compact Wire rope isolators for maximum shock and vibration dampening in small application

With huge technological advancement in the industry, a number of equipment manufacturers design and install electronics into their machines. However, when these industrial machines are used in harsh environments, the sensitive electronics are unable to withstand the ongoing high frequency shock and vibration. For these reason, the machines and the electronic equipment’s tend to breakdown at very early stage. To avoid such premature breakdowns, the electronic components need to be isolated. With the current solutions like the elastomeric mounts, they only withstand vibration but are unable to limit or respond to the high-level shock inputs. Further, these elastomers do not withstand certain chemicals and temperature extremes. Hence, engineers suggest the use of compact wire rope Isolator for such applications.

Compact wire rope isolators are equipment’s used in applications with minimum space requiring maximum vibration and shock isolation. Smaller than the usual wire rope isolators, these equipment’s are known to handle simultaneous both shock and vibration attenuation. Their small size facilitates isolation of individual components rather than the entire system. Compact wire rope isolators are known for its high efficiency and excellent performance for attenuation of shocks and vibration.

When in use, the wire vibration isolators deflect under load and the wire cables bend creating a spring force that ultimately offers protective support. In case of multi-strand compact wire rope isolators, the cable flexes and creates friction between the wire strands that dissipate the energy created by the vibration. Depending on the application in use there are wire rope isolators available in different heights, widths, and cable diameters to accommodate different load capacities. In addition to this, compact wire rope isolators have just two mounting points, as opposed to traditional wire rope isolators, making it easy for installation and use.

Compact wire rope isolators are designed and made of aluminium bars and stainless-steel wire ropes. This makes the compact wire rope isolators corrosion resistant and operationally consistent at any given temperature. This makes the wire rope isolators not only suitable for harsh environments but also perfectly suitable for lightweight applications like the disk drives, medical equipment, mobile electronics, small pumps and motors, and other such similar equipment’s.

Based on the requirement one can get the compact wire rope isolators customized to their needs. With precise dimensions, compliant to application specification and usability, manufacturers can offer compact wire rope isolators to perfectly suit requirements for effective shock and vibration dampening. You could even use wire rope isolator selection guide to understand the features and benefits of compact wire rope isolators for products and application in use.  Make the use of the best technology when it comes to selecting an isolation equipment for applications and ensure long life span for your industrial machines and application.


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