Compact wire rope isolators for exceptional performance and vibration isolation capabilities

As we all call it, the compact wire rope isolators are equipment’s used for isolation of vibration and dampening of shock from machines. Similar to the traditional wire rope isolators they possess isolation capabilities that protects machines from the impact of shock and vibration. Compact Wire Rope Isolators are equipment’s known for the best performance in vibration isolation. Their compact design which is smaller than the traditional wire ropes offers both shock and vibration absorption especially in places where package space is an issue. They are often used in applications that have space constrain and yet need an equipment to support and solve the shock and vibration issues.

A number of manufacturers offer vibration wire rope isolators to meet the standard industrial requirements of consumers in the industry. Most of the Wire Rope Isolator is made of all-metal, which probably offers the best multi-axis shock and vibration isolation. These wire ropes isolate and perform even in the most hostile environmental conditions, making it the most reliable equipment for shock and vibration issues. Compact wire rope isolators are products that do not generally require much of maintenance and are highly resistant to oil, ozone, abrasives, and chemicals. Compact Wire Rope Isolators are a proven solution, best known for their vibration isolation and shock dampening capabilities. Their unique capabilities of simultaneous shock and vibration attenuation makes them the best equipment to be used in any given industry where vibration and shock is a major issue.
Using these equipment’s can help reduce the amount of premature machine failure and probably even an expensive machine downtime.

In case you have a non-standard application, you may still be able to use regular wire Rope Isolators to resolve the issue of vibration and shock. These standard products of wire rope vibration isolators can suit nearly any application. In fact, in cases where customization is required, professional manufacturers like the Andre HVAC Inc can offer you the solution and create a custom isolator as per your requirement. The vibration wire rope isolators that these manufactures provide, offer exceptional multi-axis shock and vibration isolation. Durable and reliable, these products second to none in the industry. By using the compact wire rope isolator offered by Andre HVAC Inc, the effects of shock and vibration incurred by machinery in your industry can be significantly reduced, prevented or even eliminated. This can prevent any form of premature equipment failure that could affect the machine and its adjoining equipment’s as well.

Given below are some of the features of compact wire rope isolators which makes them the best isolation equipment to use-

  • Single point mounting offers easy installation.
  • They are cost effective and durable isolation equipment.
  • They offer simultaneously multi-axis shock and vibration isolation.
  • Ideal for equipment’s that are sensitive and have space constrains.
  • Suitable for temperature ranges of -150º to 500ºF (-100º to 260ºC).
  • Corrosion resistant and suitable for hostile environments.

Compact wire rope isolators find a in wide variety of application in equipment’s like medical equipment, disk drives, small motors and pumps, electronic gadgets, electronic containers to name a few.


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