A wide range of rubber mounts and hangers to take care of your vibration issues

Every industry which is into manufacturing deploys equipment for production. These machines have motors, pumps, pneumatic and hydraulic systems which run by consuming power and energy. When the motors rotate or the pumps run, they produce vibrations. Each machine and equipment has its own natural frequency and starts to vibrate in tandem with the generated vibrations. These vibrations as you know are harmful to theequipment and can cause substantial damage over a period of time. But you need not worry. Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you a wide range of rubber anti-vibration mounts, rubber bushings, rubber isolators, and HVAC rubber hangers. Therubber mounts and isolators can take care of your entire anti-vibration needs.

Rubber mounts: The automotive industry is a major user of the rubber mounts. The engine as a source of power is a major generator of vibrations. It is assembled to the chassis using anti-vibration rubber mounting.The rubber mounts have a metallic center with rubber casing and a metal mounting plate. The rubber is bonded strongly with the metal to form an inseparable unit. The vibration dampening mounts come in a variety of shapes like cylindrical, hexagonal, angular, pedestal, and sandwich to suit the customer application requirement. Besides the automobile the rubber vibration dampening mounts find use in the marine and railroad industry as well. Another typical use is the HVAC rubber mounts.

Rubber vibration dampers:

  • The rubber in the vibration rubber mounts acts as the damper between two metallic surfaces.
  • The machine or equipment is anchored to the rubber vibration isolation mount, which in turn is secured to the floor or mounting surface.
  • The bolts used for anchoring do not allow the machine to move or shift even when it is rotating at high speeds while the rubber provides the isolation from the vibrations.
  • High-quality rubbers are used to form strong bonds with metal in the rubber anti-vibration mounts.
  • With their ability to absorb vibrations, the rubber isolation mountsact as a catalyst for noise reduction.
  • This makes the operating environment comfortable for the employee working on the equipment.

Rubber in shear isolators: Besides mounting the equipment on the floor or surfaces, a lot of it is suspended from the roof and ceilings as well. The single deflection rubber shear hangers and double deflection shear hangers are ideally suited for this application. The hangers are made from a metallic plate bent in a rectangular shape with a threading on top and a hole at the bottom. While the top is secured to the ceiling using the threaded hole, a rubber grommet is fitted in the bottom hole from where the equipment is secured to the hanger. The rubber in the shear isolator with projected collars is responsible for eliminating the metal to metal contact.

Rubber bushings: Metal bonded rubber bushings from the house of Andre HVAC International Inc. find use in mobile power equipment, vibratory feeders and wheel suspensions. The rubber vibration isolators successfully reduce noise and wear. Thus, the rubber vibration dampers are also responsible for a reduction in the use of lubricants.

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