Ways to tackle the Vibration Concerns in mechanical or industrial equipment’s

High frequency noise and vibration are a major cause of concern encountered by companies that utilize appliances in their work-spaces. Appliances that produce significant vibrations can include any kind of products with mechanical parts like generators, kitchen appliances, offices appliances or any industrial machineries. Constant noise and vibrationANDRE-Pads-NSN-Series (3) can be quite distracting, uncomfortable, and even unsafe for workers in the vicinity. It is one of the most common reasons for companies to come back to manufacturers with complaints or request to replace or service them. Today in this article we have discussed on different ways to tackle these vibration issue

Ways to tackle the Acoustic concerns in office environments

Often machines, equipment’s or products are used in indoor workspaces or adjacent vicinity where people are working.Occupied areas in a building can be affected by the noise generated from these equipment’s or machineries in the level immediately above or next to the office.In an office, acoustical comfort is essential for a productive working environment. If employees are distracted by noises made by these equipment’s or products, it could possibly hamper the working environment and create a havoc. Noise and vibration in particularly is problematic if employees’ job involves being on the phone listening to customers. So, in such situations one must make use of vibration controllers or vibration absorbers to reduce or limit the noise and vibration.

There are a number of vibrations pads for machines or isolation equipment’s that could solve the noise and vibration nuisance. Equipment’s like Isolation hangers are designed to ANDRe-RubberHangers-HE-1-Seriesbreak the structural path of noise and vibration transmission between the upper and lower floors. The rubber isolation pads in these hangers have the ability to deflect and absorb frequencies generated through building structures.

Designed perfectly to suit any type of suspended architectural ceiling, these products can be fitted with rods, wires or hooks. The ceiling hangers provide superior noise isolation performance due to their higher static deflection characteristics. For good isolation, a minimum of 3mm static deflection is essential. The hangers are available in a range of different combinations of deflection, attachment and composition to suit any application.

Office are examples, but they aren’t the only places where appliances or equipment’s that exist,create vibration and destruct the businesses. Depending on where the equipment or machine will be used, manufacturers need to create a product that minimizes vibration as much as possible. But there are limitation for manufacturers as well, as they do not have the control over whether an office has an open layout or has a reflective surface. They are not factors that manufacturers can change. But, what one could do is, install vibration damping pads to solve these problems.

Manufactures or anti-vibration suppliers offer a variety of anti-vibration sheets or vibration absorbing pads that include rubber cork pads, neoprene cork pads, tico anti-vibration pads and many more of such tools that can work wonders for solving these vibration and noise issues.  All that one needs to do is, find out the cause of problem, the type of machines creating the problem and static vibration deflection required to select the right isolation pads. Once the problem is detected appropriate measures can be taken to solve the problem.


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