How can Vibration Isolation Equipment be beneficial for Industrial Businesses?

What exactly is Vibration Isolation equipment? 

Vibration isolation equipment refers to the using of anti vibration rubber pads, anti vibration mounting pads & various other equipments that works as a shock absorber & a vibration isolator.  These vibration isolation pads are used for the purpose of damping vibration caused by various industrial applications & in turn increases their durability.

How are the anti vibration equipments beneficial for industrial business?

In an industrial set up, one of the major concerns of engineers are the vibrations that are caused by the industrial machineries. Vibrations are a major concern mainly because, the slightest of vibration caused can lead to high frequency noise & great amount of friction between machinery parts leading to a severe wear and tear of the machines. Also in a worst case scenario, due to the vibration of machines there are chances of a complete failure or a break down leading to stall in the operation of machine. This is mainly the reason why vibration isolation equipments play a major role in industrial business.

By using the isolation pad, not only does it absorbs the shock but also prevents heavy machine parts from creating noise & friction beyond a set point.  These pads are designed in a way that can take extremely high impacts, from manufacturing equipment lines. By reducing the vibration, one can actually improve the product output and increase the efficiency & performance. If the machines & equipments are well protected from vibrations, there is no requirement for maintenance, repairing &replacement of parts to be done regularly.  This saves a lot on expenses of maintenance & potential loss caused due to failure of machineries.

Application of anti vibration equipments

Anti vibration equipments are mainly used in industrial machineries like pumps, generators, fans, units, compressors etc. These equipments are also used in domestic application like heating, ventilation & air conditions. Vibration isolation equipments are often designed depending on the application, its size, weight & other features

List of anti vibration products & their applications

There are a wide range of vibration isolation equipments that Andre HVAC International Inc offer for both industrial & domestic applications. Some of the most popular & widely acclaimed anti vibration products are

  • Anti – Vibration Pads (Waffle and Ribbed)
  • Rubber Cork Pads and Rubber Steel Rubber Pads
  • Spring Mounts / Spring Isolators
  • Spring Hangers
  • Rubber in Shear Mounts / Hangers

Also based on client requirements, the products manufactured are customized depending on the application. These equipments are used in applications like fan, Air handling units, Pump & generators, Chiller or Cooling Towers, Coil units, Ducts, Pipes & much more.

Features of anti vibration equipments

  • All the anti vibration equipments are made of high quality materials like heavy duty steel & strong elastic rubber pads etc that are more durable & lasts long
  • Most of the isolation equipments are water proof rust proof & made of materials that can withstand high impacts.
  • Also most of the equipments offered are suitable for a range of industrial & domestic applications.


So, be it any kind of isolation requirement, AHI caters to all the needs & solves all the vibration problems of your machineries & applications.

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