Vibration dampening sandwich mounts for various industrial & commercial application

Vibration dampening Sandwich Mounts have an excellent capacity for energy control. This makes it an ideal tool for protecting equipment and machinery against high frequency vibration & noise. Constructed with high-strength bonds and specially compounded elastomeric, these vibration dampingsandwich mounts feature a high load-carrying capacity, durability and good reliability. The sandwich mounts are available in the market in three size groups for varying applications. That is small, medium, and large. So, depending on the application one can select the right size.

Given below are some of the benefits and features of vibration dampening sandwich mounts –

  • They are much more economical than any other equipment in the market.
  • The vibration dampening mounts feature a high load bearing capacity.
  • These mounts are compact and lightweight.
  • Sandwich mounts are highly durable equipments.
  • They are easy to use and install in most applications.
  • Sandwich mounts do not require much maintenance & care.


The typical application of vibration dampening sandwich mounts are listed below –

  • Heating machines
  • Ventilating and air conditioning equipment
  • Light motors
  • Commercial appliances
  • Shipping containers
  • Feeders
  • Compactors and vibratory rollers and various other industrial equipments.


Andre HVAC International Inc is a leading manufacturer of vibration and shock dampening isolators. The Sandwich Mounts designed by us, offer better protection to the equipment and machinery against the damaging vibration. These vibration isolation mounts manufactured have excellent capacity for energy control. Constructed to offer effective dampening, these mounts provide high load-carrying capacity and assure long working life of the machine. These simple and easy to use mounts provide low-cost mounting systems which are compact, lightweight, easy to install and maintenance free. These sandwich mounts are available in three sizes to suit a variety of industrial applications in the market.


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