Vibration Dampening Pads

Vibration dampening pads are used in industrial applications to absorb mechanical energy for the overall system protection. Using a vibration dampening pad in equipment’s can help isolate the vibration from the source. Dampening is a function of mass, frequency, surface area, and other factors including temperature.

Vibration damping pads are made from a range of materials, one of the more common materials is the rubber pads which are made in a variety of densities and thicknesses that allow for fine tuning. These rubber vibration dampening pads have excellent rebound over a long time frame making it more reliable than any other material.

These damping pads are installed at the source of vibration in the machine or equipment so that they act in compression.  This rubber damping pad serves to increase the damping of the structure, and suppress any form of high frequency vibration or noise induced in machine.  Installing of the damping pad slightly increase the flexibility of the base on which it is installed and can result in slightly higher lateral deflections when installed in the equipment/machine that is subjected to external loadings.

Features of vibration damping pads

  • These damping pads are impervious to most oils and solvents.
  • They are resistant to effects of steam, water, mildew etc.
  • Made of high quality material these pads offer effective damping.
  • Reasonably priced, these vibration damping pads are the best isolators for vibration.


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