Why there is so much talk about vibration isolation products?

There is a tremendous amount of interest in vibration isolation material in the general public today. What has brought about this change? What is the reason that people are so much concerned about the vibrations? The vibrations have existed since times immemorial but the awareness came much later. Those who studied science and engineering were well informed but not the general public. Then came the internet boom and it changed the way the people got access to the information. Very quickly the people became aware of the ill-effects of vibrations and how to counter it.

Normal operating conditions: Today, there is a plethora of vibration isolation products available in the market. If you have to install a part generating the dynamic forces on the floor or rooftop you can go in for the vibration isolation mounts. The elastomer element is responsible for damping the vibrations and isolating the vibration source from the support and surroundings. The energy absorbed by the vibration isolation pad is dissipated in the form of low-grade heat into the atmosphere. At times, the cylindrical mounts have threaded studs in the center to allow the equipment to be mounted and tightened with a nut. Thus, the vibration damping pads are easy to install and very effective in vibration mitigation.

Product performance: Thus, we have found two more reasons for the popularity of the vibration isolation products. The ease of installation makes it a product that can be used by one and all. Similarly, the high efficiency of the product becomes known to the people when they see vibrations under control.

Overhead installations: The product range of the vibration isolation material is very vast. While we have talked about the vibration isolation mounts for on the ground/rooftop applications, it is also possible to use the vibration isolation hangers for taking care of suspended equipment. Whether it is the utility pipes carrying the fluids or ducting for the HVAC system carrying cool air, the equipment can be suspended from the ceiling by using the appropriate vibration isolation product. When we say appropriate, it means that the vibration isolator selection has to be made based on the load and deflection characteristics.

Design for suitability: The springs in the vibration isolator hangers come with a spring deflection of one inch or more. The spring deflection allows you to play with the equipment when it exerts a force under dynamic load conditions. The pipes also expand when they carry the hot fluids and contract when the fluid is not there or in a cool state. The rigid supports can break or the pipe may get permanently deformed under such circumstances. However, the vibration isolation hanger is able to absorb the resultant deflection when the pipe expands or contracts. The understanding of the concept has made the vibration isolation products popular.

Product versatility: The vibration isolation products also come in the form of rubber sheets and mats. These products are extremely useful in the field. Equipment like generators and compressors which are a big source of vibrations can be run on construction and machine installation sites by placing them on the rubber mats. The equipment vibrations are absorbed by the rubber mats allowing it to run smoothly without any displacement. A typical application of the vibration isolation pads is at the feet of the household washing machines. The pads do not allow the machine to walk while they are in operation and also prevent the vibrations to get transmitted to the supporting structure.

Tough working conditions: The vibration isolation mounts and vibration isolation hangers find utilization in harsh environments like the armed vehicles moving in rugged terrains. Not only are the springs designed to undergo the deflections due to variable dynamic loads but also the elastomer elements are made of neoprene to provide excellent weather resistance. Similarly, powder coating or galvanizing of the steel parts imparts corrosion resistance. Today, it is possible to use the vibration isolation material in harsh conditions like chemical plants and where there is an exposure to oil and water. The suitability of the vibration isolation products to the typical environmental conditions is another reason as to why people are maximizing their use.

Andre HVAC International Inc. made an entry into the world of vibration isolation material when the information media had started penetrating the masses more than a decade ago. By leveraging the information campaign and assisting the clients in the selection of the vibration isolation products it has moved way ahead of the competition. By sharing the product knowledge extensively and by attempting to resolve the customer problem AHI has won the hearts of one and many. The AHI product range of vibration isolation hangers and vibration isolation mounts is extremely popular with the clients.

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