Seismic isolators to your rescue against natural forces

Natural calamities like earthquakes can strike anywhere in the world. Mankind has been making every possible effort to reduce the impact and damage caused by Nature. A lot of research goes into the study of the seismic activity and its impact on the buildings, equipment, and machinery. Andre HVAC International Inc. has been consistently involved in the supply of seismic spring mounts, hangers, isolators, and vibration dampers. The specialized seismic isolation equipment is also sourced by them from established companies. Let us look at some of them:

Korfund Vibration isolators: Korfund Dynamics is a company which has been delivering high tech solutions to the power generation, construction equipment, marine, and industrial machinery conglomerates for more than hundred years. Its range of products includes shock, vibration and structure borne noise isolation products. The Korfund vibration isolation systems comprise of spring, elastomer, cable and pad type isolators. The latest offerings of Korfund isolators are rugged, lightweight, low profile installations. Andre HVAC International Inc. has taken the onus of supplying the Korfund vibration isolator products as per customer specific requirement.

Caldyn isolators: California Dynamics Corporation or Caldyn is another reputed supplier of vibration isolation and seismic protection products. The product range includes neoprene isolation pads and mounts, spring vibration isolators and restraints, spring and acoustical hangers to name a few. Caldyn has commitment towards protection from earthquakes and noise control. That is one of the prime reasons for Andre HVAC International Inc. to make the Caldyn isolators and seismic restrained isolator product available for its customers.

Restrained seismic spring mount: During the time when a seismic event occurs the equipment and machinery on the floor or on stands are subject to high G forces. A lot of factors related to the installation of the machine come into play at such times. A normal vibration damping spring mount may not be able to sustain the high G forces in all directions. The restrained seismic spring mounts from Andre HVAC are specifically designed and seismically rated in order to have all directional restraint with materials like neoprene and springs.

Seismic spring: The seismic springs form a part of the seismic vibration isolators. The spring elements are selected to provide the static deflections as per the vibration isolation schedule or as specified by the customer. Springs are normally color coded in order to indicate the deflection characteristics and load capacities. The seismic springs must have a lateral stiffness 1.2 times the rated vertical stiffness and must withstand 50% overload. The Andre HVAC seismic springs are tested and rated as per the seismic standards and can be comfortably installed by the clients

We believe that you as a customer face a number of hurdles related to vibration and control in your businesses. Andre HVAC International Inc. provides anti-vibration products and services in a wide range and variety so as to suit the customer needs.  Andre HVAC offers quality, reliability, quick delivery with service and support. Its products are recommended by consultants and architects around the world.

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