What are rubber mounts and why are they considered to be better vibration isolators than the rest?

Anti-vibration rubber mounts are critical components in a number of heavy machinery and industrial equipment’s. These rubber dampening vibration mounts help dampen the high frequency noise levels and vibration while safeguarding fragile components from external vibrations. Rubber isolator mounts are an efficient, low cost option, offering a reasonable degree of isolation efficiency. These rubber mountings come in single of double deflection and are effective isolators in standard non-critical applications. While for more critical applications, one can consider using rubber hangers or spring hangers or mounts for vibration isolation.

Selecting the right anti-vibration rubber mounts is critical to tackle the problem of vibration What are rubber mounts and why are theyconsidered to be better vibration isolators than the rest?and noise. One should determine the machine’s RPM and use the Rubber Mount Isolation Efficiency Chart to work out the dynamic natural frequency required, according to the desired isolation efficiency. Also, it would be quite beneficial if one refer to the Rubber Mount Selection Guide to determine the static deflection required, depending on the various dynamic factor of the rubber mount that are to be used.

A high quality rubber anti-vibration mounts are scientifically designed resilient material. They are designed in a way to offset the high frequency noise and absorb the vibration and shock through the rubber when under load while maintaining lateral stability. This design eliminates the shape factor that is usually associated with elastomeric pads. It also provides positive grip to machine foot and foundation when under load. It can be used in any shape/ size/ thickness/ number of layers. These rubber in shear mounts or rubber isolation pads are ideal for isolating the vibration and shock while also effectively reduce the structure borne noise.

These rubber mounting come in a variety of single and double deflection rubber in shear ANDRE-RubberHangers-RHM-Series (1)hangers that are perfect for not only heavy machines but also very practical to install in almost any type and size of equipment such as machine tools, generating sets, compressors, pumping sets, instrument panels etc. It is very effective for protecting precision equipment’s and instruments from external sources of vibration and shock caused by operation of heavy machines, mechanical handling equipment, forging hammers and even passing traffic.

Rubber anti-vibration mounts are typically used in a wide variety of applications that include the following

  • Air conditioning equipment’s,
  • Guillotines,
  • Grinders, headers,
  • Heating and ventilating equipment,
  •  Inertia blocks,
  • Instruments panels,
  • Impact machines, laboratory equipment’s and machine tools,
  • Pumps, printing machines, presses,
  • Textile machinery and transformers and many more of such applications.


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