What are rubber bushings and how do they help in vibration isolation?

Rubber bushing is a kind of vibration isolator that serve as an interface between two mechanical parts, acting as a buffer and absorbing the energy produced by the two parts in motion. These bushings basically act as buffer that separates two parts while allowing them limited movement. This helps in minimizing the nuisance of vibration and noise produced in a machine.

Rubber bushings come in a variety of forms. They are designed into a cylinder shape and are encased in metal cases or in an outer tube. These rubber bushings are often preferable to solid connections as noise and vibration are limited. Also, installing of rubber bushing eliminate the use of lubrication between two parts.

Rubber bushings are widely used in a wide variety of application. Initially, they were used in anti-roll bars, shock absorber mountings, double wishbone suspensions, gear sticks and in the internal combustion engines of some cars. Eventually, these bushings were used in various other industrial application that generated vibration and noise.

Rubber bushings are also be used as shock absorbers, vibration insulators and abrasion resistors. Used with wires, pipes and tubing, these rubber bushings act as a seal. They are also used to help transfer load from one area in a structure to another, thus reducing strain.

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