Rubber bushings, an effective isolator for heavy duty industrial application

Anti vibration bushings also known as bushes or center bonded bushings that are rubber to metal bonded bushing mounts built for absorption of extreme static and dynamic forces in industrial & commercial applications. These rubber bushings are typically used in applications where the absorption of shock, attenuation of noise, limiting of the wear and tear and where elimination of lubrication is required.

The rubber bushings are designed to be loaded radially and utilize a soft torsion spring to provide freedom in rotation. They provide positive torsion positioning and pivot action under the most demanding operational conditions. But, while the high radial restraint maintains the alignment between joined parts, they are not intended for the use in applications where there is extreme rotational motion. So, the typical applications include, vibratory feeders, mobile power equipment and vibratory cable layers

At Andre HVAC International Inc, our fully bonded rubber bushings are designed of rubber compound, bonded to both inner and outer sleeves. These bushing vibration isolators are designed to eliminate high frequency vibration and noise, while supporting high loads in all directions. Also, the bushings are pre-loaded using a special process that assures a high resistance to the stresses involved during the operation.

The rubber bushes are manufactured in a wide range of metric sizes to suit a lot of industrial applications. We also sell these bushings designed in unique materials to suit your application requirements. Easy to install, the uncomplicated designs of the rubber bushings provide high strength bonding that assure, effective isolation and extended service life all at economical rate.

The typical application of these rubber bushing include vehicle engines, flexible joints, motor vehicles, auxiliary equipment, military, light and heavy duty equipment, farm, drilling equipment, harvesters, combines, cooling towers, earth moving machinery, general machinery,  industrial and construction machinery.

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