What are mechanical vibration & how can it be prevented or reduced

In simple terms vibration in mechanical equipment is simply the back and forth motion or oscillation of machines and components, such as pumps, compressors generators and so on that make up mechanical systems. Vibrations in industrial equipments are common phenomena. Massive vibrations in a machine can be a sign of trouble. However Vibration is not always an issue. In fact in most cases vibration is inherent in machine design. For instance, vibration is almost unavoidable in the operation of reciprocating pumps, compressors, internal combustion engines, and gear drives. In a well-engineered & well-maintained machine, such vibration should be no cause for concern.

So when does vibration become a problem?

Most industrial devices are designed to function smoothly and avoid vibration. In machines, vibration can indicate problems or deterioration in the equipment if vibration increases beyond normal levels. If the underlying causes for vibration are not corrected, it can cause a lot of damage. This is where the use of vibration isolation pads comes into the picture. Based on the cause of vibration isolations pads are selected and designed for the machinery for vibration shock & noise absorption.

What are the common causes of machine vibration?

Vibration can be a result of en number of conditions & can be acting alone or in combination. Many times vibrations are caused due to imbalance of weight mainly due to either manufacturing defects or deformation of machine part due to maintenance issue. Also Vibration can result from the misalignment of machine shafts. Misalignments in machine parts are caused during assembly or are over a period of time, due to thermal expansion, components shifting or improper reassembly after maintenance. Many times even due to loosening of component & parts of machineries, can result to vibration & this could lead to sever damaging of the entire machine.

Ways to reduce the vibration in an industrial system

Understanding the causes of vibration is the first step toward preventing vibration from causing trouble in any production environment. There are a number of way in which vibration can be prevented. Andre HVAC offers a range of anti vibration isolators that provides best form of damping to machineries & mechanical equipments.  Here are some of the isolation equipments & their uses

  • Anti vibration pads: there are a number of anti vibration rubber pads like the Waffle Pads, Ribbed Pads, Rubber cork pads etc of different sizes. They are mainly used in applications like Fans, Fan Coil units, Air Handling units, Generators Pumps etc. Made of high quality Neoprene it offers excellent durability &  is Water Resistance, Ozone Resistance & Oil resistance etc. these Isolation pads are  Simple in installation& easy to use. Also once installed they do not require much maintenance.
  • Spring hangers: Spring hangers are vibration isolation equipments used in suspended machineries & application to absorb vibration & vibration related noise. They are mainly used in applications like Fans, Fan coil Units, Ducts & Pipes etc. these are spring hangers are designed & made of heavy duty steel spring & rubber cups & steel brackets. These spring hangers are rust proof & can withstand high impacts.
  • Wire rope isolators: Wire rope isolators assist in isolation of shock & vibration issue in all applications. Also popularly known as wire rope isolators are made of heavy steel wire rope cables, constructed through aluminum alloy retaining bars, corrugated & mounted for maximum absorption of shock & vibration. They are mainly used in HVAC equipments, motor generators & compressors, shipping containers & aircrafts, in various medical & electronic equipments.
    • Spring mounts or spring isolators: spring mounts also often known as spring vibration isolators are mainly used in Air handling units, Pump & generators, fans etc. these equipments are available in different load range & deflection rate. The function of Spring Mounts is to absorb vibration & noise caused by rotating machines.

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