List of effective vibration isolator for HVAC equipment

There are a number of manufacturer’s in the industry offering a vast variety of vibration isolators for HVAC equipment’s. Based on the problem, type of machine in use and the industrial requirement, they offer vibration isolator HAVC equipment for resolving varied vibration, shock and noise issues. Further, to the benefit of client’s these antivibration mounts and isolators can be customized to the varying requirements of each client. In this article today, we have discussed various types of vibration isolators for HVAC equipment’s available in the market for solving the frequent vibration and noise issues that persistently exists in the mechanical industry.


Suspension Hangers- Suspension hangers are kind of anti-vibration ceiling hangers used for the purpose of isolation of suspended equipment’s from ceilings. These types of suspended vibration isolation equipment’s prevent or reduce structure-borne noise and vibration in suspended HVAC applications. Anti-vibration ceiling hangers come in various types including spring hangers and rubber hangers. These types of hangers are ideally used in applications like fans, air conditioners, pipes and duct work. Designed in a large diameter, rectangular steel housing, this equipment allows angular hanger misalignment. While the rubber cup that is placed instead of metal cup in the bottom of the bracket helps in elimination of metal to metal contact and providing better efficiency.

Spring Mounts- Spring mounts are equipment’s used for the isolation of vibration & vibration related noise that arises from rotating machines and equipment’s.  These spring type anti-vibration mounts are known to provide vertical and horizontal deflection up to nearly an inch. As compared to rubber mounts, spring mountings have increased static deflection that provides greater isolation efficiency. This makes it an ideal option for mechanical equipment that have low disturbing frequencies. Spring mounts come in different types of mounting option which includes no bases, lower base attached and upper and lower bases attached. These type equipment’s are ideal for applications like fan, air handling units, generators and pumps. These come in a wide range of deflections and maximum loads, so that they can accurately be selected for isolation of different application. There are even restrained types of spring mounts available in the market and that which are normally used for Chiller & Cooling towers for reducing the vibration. The functionality of these restrained spring mounts is to restrained the spring action during the maintenance of Chiller or Cooling Towers.

Wire rope isolators- Wire rope isolators are equipment’s used for the purpose of resolving shock and vibration issues in most of the industrial application. These equipment’s are highly dynamic in nature and requires no special maintenance. They use little space and are easily functional even under varying temperatures and in corrosive environments. This extremely rugged equipment offers a long functional life span and can easily be used in a wide variety of applications. Wire rope isolators are equipment’s designed to handle both shock and vibration. The equipment in used in varied industries for different applications including pump, generators, compressors, shipping cases, skids and container to name a few.

Seismic Mounts- Seismic mounts are mechanical equipment designed to provide vibration isolation with multi-directional flexible restraint to limit movement under seismic disturbance. So, while in normal operating situations, the mountings provide vibration isolation but, when subjected to physical displacements caused due to seismic forces, the seismic mount offers relative support to the structure and restricts any form of displacement caused during earthquake and strong winds. Seismic mounts are usually used in applications like  cooling towers, chilling units, building equipment and such similar application.


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