Isolation hanger’s acoustic ceilings, an excellent equipment for vibration and noise isolation

Problems : Suspended building systems including equipments like ductwork and piping are the major source of noise and vibration that gets transmitted into the supporting structure. While, in Structural floor, ceiling and roof systems because of the nature of their construction, tends to act as sounding boards, turns these vibrations into audible noise and transmits down from the building structure through the suspension wires.

Solution : Spring vibration isolators:

For both the given scenarios, in order to reduce the effects of noise and vibration, a complete resilient material needs to be installed in the system. Andre HVAC Inc.’s spring vibration isolators are a perfect solution that helps reduce the problem. These spring hangers are installed in line with threaded rod support to break the rigid path. The uniquely designed spring vibration isolators are mainly used for low frequency vibrations and its elastomeric isolators helps in absorbing high frequency vibrations.  Depending on the requirement a combination of both options can be utilized to maximize performance. The spring Isolation hangers are to be incorporated into the suspension system at all points of support. These isolation medium are high tensile rubber that assure resilience and are anti-ozonant, assuring long life.

Acoustic suspended ceilings

Acoustic suspended ceilings are an excellent way of preventing airborne noise from passing into the ceiling structure, or preventing noise and vibration from being transmitted to the adjoining floor or room or adjoining space. But for this, it is very essential to select the right acoustic hanger.  Andre HVAC Inc. helps you calculate the most effective solution as per you application requirement. Andre HVAC has a large range of equipments available to suit a variety of ceiling weights and noise, vibration isolation requirements. Acoustic hangers like the rubber hangers and spring hangers offered have properties that are suited to certain types of acoustic /vibration, noise control. While Rubber hangers are best suited for higher frequencies, the spring  hangers are best  suited for lower frequencies of noise, such as impact vibration or vibrating plant.

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