Inertia base an ideal isolation equipment for pumps

Why is a concrete inertia base recommended for pumps?

 Andre HVAC Inc. recommends that all flexible-coupled pumps should be installed on a concrete inertia bases, irrespective of the horsepower while using vibration isolators.  The main reason for installing a concrete inertia base is to provide strength in order to limit excess movement due to operating loads & provide attachment of vibration isolators. Especially on large pumps over 75 HP the mass of the inertia base becomes critical for mitigating vibration. While on systems with only 3 or 5 horsepower you run the risk of putting strain on the coupling if mounting directly on isolators. Inertia base frames when supported by vibration isolators they form the best in equipment isolation, support, anchoring, and vibration amplitude control. Also, these equipment’s are considered to be the best noise barrier that limit the noise from the application.

Andre HVAC Inc. offers solution for every size of base mounted pumps at an affordable and client requirement.  We customize & manufacture the inertia bases to suit all brands of equipment’s & application in terms of size, mass and finish. The inertia base frames that are manufactured are stronger and durable than the standard inertia base frames plainly for the reason of having used heavier & good quality steel.

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