HVAC mounts for vibration isolation

Andre HVAC International Inc is a specialist in manufacturing anti-vibration HVAC rubber mounts and isolators for both industrial & commercial application. We have a wide variety of corrosion-resistant products to isolate Heat, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) equipment. These high end isolators are manufactured using rubber, springs and various other materials, specially designed for effective vibration isolation.

All industrial and commercial machinery which by virtue of its design have reciprocating or rotating parts, create high frequency noise and vibration. This especially occurs due to the imbalance in the moving parts of the machine. Thus vibration produced by  machines ultimately lead to different problems such as high frequency noise & shock, wear & tear of machine, reduction in the machine’s life and so on. Andre HVAC International Inc has been developing different ranges of HVAC mounts that can solve problems like the ones described above.

So taking into account the data of the machine like weight, mount positions, type of machine, center of gravity, frequency of excitation, etc., Andre HVAC designs appropriate anti-vibration mount solution for each case. The proposed solutions are commonly taken using following types of anti-vibration HVAC mounts:


  • Rubber mounts

HVAC rubber mounts are anti- vibration isolators designed to isolate or dampen lower frequency vibration & noise for various applications.  The load capacity of these mounts can vary depending on the size of machine in use.

  • Air Mounts

The low frequency air mounts are specifically designed to maintain a certain static deflection for very long periods of time. These mounts offer consistency and reliability. Also, their structural design is more advantageous than the typical air mounts that are usually used.

  • Spring Mounts

Spring mounts are isolators that are weather resistant and support low natural frequencies. The load ratings of these mounts range from light weight to heavy duty, including seismic applications as well. These spring mounts are highly impact resistant.  In addition to this, the deflections are also easily checked through the casings, and are useful for quick and easy installation.


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