Effective vibration isolation technology for suspended equipments

Spring hangers are vibration isolation equipments used for providing vibration isolation for suspended equipment. They offer a combined solution for both vibration isolation and for high and low frequency noise. These spring isolation hangers are often used in suspended equipments like the piping and ductwork with no lateral loads and no change in operating weight.

The application of spring hangers in suspended piping and ductwork helps in preventing vibration transmitting to the surrounding structure. There is wide range of Isolation hangers available in the market, designed in housed cages and encompassing rubber, spring and rubber and spring combination hangers. These spring isolation hangers prevent your machinery from getting damaged with their vibration-control hangers and isolators. The vibration isolation spring equipments are ideal for securing heavy pipes or equipment to limit noise and vibrations during their operations. The hangers effectively isolate transmission of vibration or any form of structural sound. Further, these spring hangers are known to prevent many installation errors as it permit a degree of movement of piping which eliminates the need of a flexible hose connection. In addition to this, the vibration spring hanger isolators will also manage the expansion issues of riser pipe lines.

The market offers a wide range of spring isolators designed to minimize structural transmission of noise and vibration generated by almost any application. With a wide range of hangers available with coil springs for low frequency applications, rubber-in-shear for absorption of sound and shock, this equipment are perfectly designed to offer maximum isolation. Besides, these spring hangers are sturdily built for long rugged use and maximum provision of isolation equipment.

Typical application of spring hangers –

Spring hangers are isolation equipments typically used in suspended equipments which include air handling units, axial fans blower, cooling and heating equipment, ductwork exhaust system, fan coil units, pipe work platform, pumps, ventilation and much more.

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