Effective Anti-vibration pads and mounts for industrial compressors and genset machines

Vibration isolator pads and mounts are equipment’s manufactured for all kinds of industrial machines like compressors and genset machines. These equipment’s have great demand in most industries for their unique features of isolation of vibration and dampening of noise and shock that arises during its operations. HVAC compressor vibration isolationpads and mounts designed by manufacturers come in various specifications that help combat such issues that arises frequently in machines. Often anti-vibration mounts for air compressors and genset machines come with a detailed installation notes along with illustrative diagram for right compressor mount installation.

The anti-vibration mounts for air compressor provides optimum levelling and alignment to machines while also helps in dampening of noise and vibration arising in reciprocating machinery and piping systems. Further, these vibration reduction mounts can be quickly mounted without requiring to anchor the machines or mounts to the floor.  These anti-vibration mounts are specially designed for a wide range of compressors, especially for dampening of both vertical and horizontal impact that arise in reciprocating machines. In addition to this, the vibration isolator pads are also designed in a way to prevent machine walking and balances the force to keep the vibration and noise levels of machines under control and more so in case of reciprocating compressor where there are complex forces impacting the machines.

Vibrations are caused due to many reasons ranging right from bent shafts, unbalance in rotating parts, worn or bent gears, damaged bearings, misaligned couplings or bearings, electromagnetic forces to various other external factors. In case of compressors and genset machines, the most common cause of concern is the unbalanced rotating parts and abnormal aerodynamic forces that leads to heavy vibration and high frequency noise. However, with vibrations isolator pads and mounts the damages caused by the above-mentioned causes of vibration can be resolved.

In general, there are two types of vibration issues in compressor which includes the translational and rotational vibration issues. Translational vibration is caused due to motion of external piping structure due to resonance. So, when the vibration of external piping is excessive, it is simply due to vibration within the system at a frequency near the natural frequency of the piping structure. where as in case of rotational vibration it is an extreme vibration occurring along the crankshaft with frequency same as shaft speed. This vibration mainly occurs due to unbalance forces acting on the crankshaft which is probably due to unequal weights.

Going by the most common and frequent cases of vibration problem in a compressor, it is due to the unbalanced weight. Due to unbalanced conditions it leads to high vibration levels which is directly related to the rotational force or the translational force. However, with the right installation of vibration reduction mounts, balance can be achieved and can address the vibrational issues. For the right solution one must approach experienced manufacturers and suppliers of vibration isolators for HVAC equipment who could properly guide you and help you in selection of vibration isolator pads and mounts for different types of compressors, based on their machine specifications and other external factors as well.



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