What is the difference between vibration isolation & vibration damping of machines?


In any industrial set up, having Vibration management system is very essential. It plays a critical role for the smooth functioning of the machine. Machineries that are well designed & that have effectively incorporated vibration systems are truly considered to be the best designed & developed machine. On the contrary, the machines that are not built with vibration isolation system could result in the malfunctioning & break down of it.  Neglecting or by not addressing to the issue of vibration promptly can often result in a catastrophic failure.

In the market there are a number of anti vibration pads, sound isolation pads, vibration damping equipments for HVAC applications & other industrial machineries. But selection of the right device is very critical & significant.  So to make the right choice, one needs to understand the devices & their importance.

Difference between vibration isolation & vibration damping

Now there are basically two ways of managing vibration in machines, one is through isolation of vibration & other way is by damping of vibrations. Isolation and Damping are actually two different terms that are often used inter changeably. Isolation is nothing but prevention of vibrations from entering into a system, where as Damping is the absorption of the vibration energy that is entering the system. Although both have different meaning & functionality but both are the process through which the vibration issues can be solved & at the same time enhance the efficiency of a machine

Effects of vibration & the significance of isolating or damping it


The effects of vibration can be very damaging. In case vibration issues are not addressed on time it can lead to damaged machine. Vibrating of machine can create noise & can cause severe safety problems. It could even lead to degradation in the plant working conditions. Also Vibration can lead to machinery consuming excessive power and this may in turn damage the product quality. At times, vibration can damage the equipment to the extent of halting the plant production. In order to avoid these issues, one must use good isolation or dampening equipments for it.

Selection of isolators or damping equipments


Damping and isolation are very different have different approach to vibration management. One should find the causes of vibration & identify the frequency that is of concern to determine whether a damper or an isolator is required. While selection of an isolator will substantially reduce the frequency & prevent from penetrating the system, using of damping device can absorb the natural frequency & manage the vibrations better.

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