Common Queries pertaining to the use of Vibration Isolation Mounts for industrial application

What is a vibration isolation mount?
Vibration Isolation Mounts are equipment’s used in the industry that helps in vibration isolation and lowering structure-borne noises. Popularly known as anti- vibration mounts, or even rubber vibration isolation mounts and anti-vibration shock mounts are available in a large variety to suit different application needs. These HVAC antivibration mounts are designed of different materials to provide maximum isolation to the industrial applications in which they are installed.

What are the different applications in which Vibration Isolation Mounts are used?Vibration reduction Mounts are often used in a variety of HVAC applications. Other than that, they are also used in equipment’s as diverse as Military equipment, Medical equipment, Agricultural equipment, Pumps, Fans, Motors, Machinery, Compressors, Air handling equipment and such similar applications.

Why does any industrial application require Vibration Isolation Mounts?Noise and vibration is the most common yet complicated issue faced in industries in most areas of applications. It is essential to reduce the transmission of vibration and damping of noise between two elements or parts of machines when operational. This mainly because if resonance occurs in a mechanical system it can lead to failure of the entire system. However, by installing vibration isolation mounts you can protect the sensitive components and reduce or limit the potential damage to machines and further extend its life. Vibration isolation mounts are designed to accommodate both shear and compression loads and limit any damage to the machines.

What are these vibration isolation mounts made off?
Anti-vibration isolation manufactures design and develop anti-vibration mounts using various rubbers metals and rubber polymers, for creating a superior rubber-to-metal bonding. These vibration reduction mounts are designed to offer maximum isolation of vibration noise and shock. These Vibration isolation mounts are end results of a rubber to metal bonding process which involves rubber to a metal substrate that includes metal studs, inserts and plates. Vibration mounts can further be customized and built of different materials to suit the requirement of a particular application.

What are the different types of Vibration Isolation Mounts available in the market?
There is a wide range of anti-vibration mounts available in the market and used for the sole purpose of isolation and dampening of high frequency noise and vibration from machines. So, while there are these mounts made of different materials there are different types as well available and they are vibration isolation spring mounts, spring floor mounts to cylindrical isolator mounts, seismic mounts to conical mounts and so on. While cylindrical isolator mounts are made with double male threaded single male threaded stud, and double female threaded or single female threaded insert, the conical mounts have a single male threaded stud or single female threaded insert. These studs can be made of any metal and can be plated as per the specific requirements as well. In addition to this, the rubber mounts designed range from natural rubber, neoprene rubber to even silicone rubber. Whereas spring mounts are made of knitted stainless-steel mesh wherein mild steel is used and their springs are made of high tensile steel.



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