Anti-Vibration systems for industrial machines and other installations

Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point in industrial machines, which results in high wear and tear on mechanical components reducing its accuracy and precision that eventually leads to energy losses. To restrict all mechanical losses and to prevent wearing out of components anti-vibrations systems are installed. As widely said prevention is better than cure, anti-vibration mounts prevents mechanical components of industrial machines by absorbing vibration and avoiding any direct impact on performance of machines. It is widely used for various application, which includes anti-vibration case fan mounts, anti-vibration ceiling hangers, anti-vibration Shock Mounts and Cylindrical Insulators Mounts. Anti-vibration systems form the core element in mechanical system, that significant contributes to good performance of machinery. It isolates the vibrations preventing any sort of damage to the working elements of mechanical system. As a solution to the issues of vibration and noise, we have listed down a few types of vibration isolators for automobile and other industrial applications.

Leaf spring hanger extensions

Leaf spring hanger extensions are widely used for automobile applications to mount leaf springs. This equipment is available in wide range of sizes, material and customised as per the fitment of individual vehicle.  Installation of leaf spring hanger extensions prevents transmission of vibration to the surrounding structure of automobile and limits any form of damage to it. It is widely used in Heavy motor vehicle or load carrying vehicle, which makes its very critical system. The leaf spring hanger extensions are rugged, corrosion resistant and highly customised which makes it an ideal vibration isolator for automobile

Anti-vibration case fan mounts

This is a vibration system that is specifically designed to protect your computer from the vibrations and noise generated through mechanical components. Vibration from fan motors travel into the PC case and amplifies when the fan is screwed tightly to the chassis, creating noise. Anti-vibration case fan mounts are designed considering acoustic requirement and with a purpose to tackle fan-induced vibrational noise. Anti-vibration case fan mounts isolate the vibration produced from motor and absorbs it effectively, preventing them from traveling to the case of computer. Anti-vibration case fan mount is a perfect combination of material and design, that limits vibrational noise from the system and delivers a complete quiet system for use. Although simple in application, yet its critical design makes it an essential element for creating a quiet and perfect computer system.

Anti-vibration ceiling hangers

Anti-vibration ceiling hangers are vibration systems designed for construction projects. Occupied areas in a building is usually affected by noise generated in the level immediately above. Anti-vibration ceiling hangers are designed to break the structural born noise and vibration transmission between the upper and lower floors. The rubber element has the ability to deflect and absorb frequencies generated through building structures. The anti-vibration ceiling hangers are designed to suit any type of architectural ceiling and floor. These hangers provide superior noise isolation and are available in a range of different combinations of deflection, attachment and composition, to suit the requirement of project.


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