What is an Anti Vibration System and how are they beneficial?

The ANDRE HVAC International Inc’s  Anti Vibration System is the best form of highly advanced vibration & shock isolation equipment’s.  These highly advanced technological equipment’s are extremely useful in both industrial & domestic application for the sole purpose of shock & vibration isolation. They are used in small applications as well as heavy machinery to control the noise and vibration impact. They are mainly used in HVAC, Building constructions, large motor pumps, compressor, diesel engine applications, electronics etc.

Company’s having industrial set up, often face a lot of issues when it comes to maintenance of industrial application. This is mainly due to constant noise & vibration impact of applications. Not only does this vibration impact the machinery parts, but they also have a significant impact on employees working on it & leading to injuries. High frequency vibration leads to failure of machinery parts that ultimately stalls the operation process & production line. One needs to shell out a lot of money to maintain & buy new machinery to avoid such shutdowns & failure.

The Anti Vibration pads that are designed & manufactured here are made of high quality materials specially to withstand high frequency noise & vibration of various applications. At Andre HVAC we usually offer industrial examples to illustrate the power of these anti vibration pads.  Some of our popular vibration and noise control products are the Anti – Vibration Pads having Waffle and Ribbed designs, Rubber Cork Pads, Rubber Steel Pads, Rubber Pads, Spring Mounts & Spring Isolators, Spring Hangers, Rubber in Shear Mounts &Hangers etc.

Our products are a combination of unique & best featured technologies that are available in the industry.  These equipment’s have been used by a number of national & international clients for both domestic & industrial use.  Since 2003, we have been the leading manufacture in Canada offering range of qualitative shock & vibration equipments for our clients.

Anti vibration equipment plays a critical role in the smooth functioning of any application. One should always remember that, when you don’t have an anti vibration system in place for your industrial application, there are high chances of your application not operating efficiently & precisely as the way it should be. This ultimately has a significant impact on the machine & can lead to severe damage.  Inefficient working due to vibration & high frequency noise will surely be noticeable after a certain period time.  So, one must make special effort to insure all of the hard-wares to avoid huge damages & losses.

The Andre HVAC anti Vibration equipment & pads is customized to the preference of the customer. We offer a variety of equipment’s depending on the customer’s machinery application & other specifications. Customers can determine the load of the unit which requires vibration isolation to the specific areas of application that requires maximum isolation facility. But one must be precise about the specifications of the machines so as to design an isolation equipment prefect for it. Because in case of installation of over sized isolation pads it can cause problems & can lead to inefficient working of the application.

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