Best anti vibration & noise isolation pads for Air-condition units

Air condition units have become a necessity at residential premises as well as commercial spaces to bring down heat levels. But, like any other appliances and electronic device, they come with their downsides, and one of the major problems faced in air condition is their high frequency noise and vibration.

Problem:  The air condition units comprises of a number of moving parts that makes them noisy and vibrate, especially the compressor and the condensing fan motor are the major source of these problems.

Noise and vibration caused due to the Compressor in an AC Unit

The compressor is what pumps Freon through lines to remove heat and this is something that can sometimes be loud. Most of the air condition units do not come with a noise suppressor blankets and apart from this some compressors vibrate when they run making them loud during the operation.

Solution : The noise from an AC unit if caused due to excessive vibrations can be resolved using Andre HVAC’s high quality anti-vibration rubber pads. These inexpensive anti vibration rubber pads can be easily installed under the feet of the compressor and thus dampen the vibrations and decrease the noise levels. The rubber isolation pads offered are made of high grade Neoprene. This material offers outstanding durability properties like Water/ Weather Resistance, Ozone Resistance & Oil resistance etc. These Vibration rubber pads are known for their efficiency in isolating noise and vibration that creates nuisance

High frequency noise due to the Condensing Fan Motor in  AC unit

A condensing fan motor is a huge fan that blows heat away from an air condition unit during its operation. These motors if not installed well can create high frequency noise or a loud buzzing noise. This usually happens due to bad manufacturing or in case when shipping the unit somehow tweaked the casing of the motor. Also, at times the compressor motor might have worn bearings that make it spin unevenly.


Andre HVAC offers the best anti vibration pads and noise isolation rubber pads to reduce the high level of noise and vibration caused from a fan motors in a condenser.  These anti vibration pads, available in different design, thicknesses & load are of good quality and offer excellent durability as well.

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