All that you need to know about Anti-Vibration Mounts and their set up

What are anti vibration mounts

Anti vibration mountings also known as vibration isolation devices or vibration isolation mountings which are equipments that help absorb the vibrations & noise produced by HVAC equipments & other machineries. By absorbing the unwanted vibrations, & noise these anti vibration mountings reduce the impact on the engine, thereby reducing the potential of a sudden breakdown of the machine.

Anti vibration mountings are designed and manufactured in way that best suits a particular machine, industrial equipments so as to minimize the potential ill affects during its functioning. There are Different vibration isolation mounts available in the market that are made from superior quality material such as rubber, metal etc that are widely used in many kinds of machinery

How are the rubber mounts setup and aligned well?

Anti vibration rubber mounts pose a unique problem at the time of alignment. This is mainly because these rubber mounts have a certain amount of deflection associated with them during different times in their life span. When the mounts are new they should be set high enough to account for the amount they will deflect for the first few months. Each mount should be set to the exact same deflection before the alignment begins. The mount deflection can usually be determined by checking the gap spacing between two points on the mount. If the mounts are not set correctly, the alignment position will change as soon as the machine is in operation.

When should the rubber mounting be replaced?  

Since the rubber mountings withstand a lot of pressure and wear & tear, therefore after a particular period of time these mountings should be replaced by the new ones in order to support the machines to work smoothly for life time. If these mountings are not replaced on time then the machines will be at risk of various damages such as loosening of various parts, causing vibrations, wear & tear, and much more problems which can reduce the life of the machine. Hence undertaking regular checkup of these mountings is very important to avoid any potential failure.

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