Anti-vibration hangers for noiseless ceilings and silent HVAC suspensions

The customers today are very specific in their demand of ‘no vibrations and noise emanating from the ceilings.’ They have a similar requirement for vibration and noise free HVAC installation. Andre HVAC International Inc. comes forth with a wide variety of anti-vibration hangers and spring brackets especially suited for these applications. The spring ceiling hangers provide for the acoustic isolation by combining the metal spring elements with the resilient elastomers.

Spring ceiling hangers: The product is available from the house of Andre HVAC International Inc. for both wood and concrete/metal ceilings. These spring ceiling hangers have a spring, elastomer, spring cap and metal plate housing. The springs are rated for a deflection of 1” while the neoprene elastomer element ensures that the concrete or wooden roof is isolated for vibrations and noise from the suspended ceiling. The housing of the hanger springs can be directly mounted to the concrete/metal or wooden roof. The suspension is also possible from a threaded rod that is suitably anchored to the roof. The spring ceiling hangers are flexible enough to allow for the leveling of the suspended false ceiling.

Piping spring hangers: The piping spring hangers and supports are preset at the manufacturing plant based on the installation load specification and blocked in both the directions. These settings are very precise and are carried out on digitally controlled test benches. Blocking of the pipe spring hangers assumes significance with regard to the pickling, flushing and hydrostatic tests which result in additional loads.

  • Factory set values are marked on the pipe spring hangers.
  • The installation position/ cold setting are indicated on the travel scale.
  • The hot position is defined by the maximum permissible load deviation as a reaction force to the expansion and is capped at 25% of the operating load
  • The blocking pieces can be removed and reinserted in any required position in the vibration hangers.
  • The fully galvanized surfaces provide the adequate protection from corrosion.

HVAC hangers: The anti-vibration hangers for HVAC applications can get rid of the structure-borne noise and vibration. These hanger springs are suitable for suspension of HVAC equipment like air conditioners, fans, ducts and piping. The large hole in the rectangular metal frame housing helps in assembly even if there is some angular misalignment. The elastomer grommet ensures that there is no metal to metal contact and perfect isolation from vibrations and noise is achieved. The HVAC hangers are available from Andre HVAC International Inc. in a wide range of load bearing capacity and spring deflection.

For certain applications where not much movement of the ceiling or equipment is permitted due to the civil structure design, you can go in for the pre-compressed spring hangers. Theanti-vibration hangers are adjusted for 70 percent of the anticipated load by the use of the pre-compressed spring. The movement in the ceiling or equipment does not begin till the deflection under load exceeds the 70 percent value. The Andre HVAC pipe and spring ceiling hangers are thus able to meet the majority of customer requirements.

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