Anti-vibration hangers and mounts for effective isolation of suspended industrial equipment’s

Anti-vibration hangers are popular and effective isolating equipment that helps in noise and vibration isolation in pipe work and other structures from which the piping is suspended. In addition to this, these anti-vibration hangers also support and isolate equipment such as axial fans, air handling units, ducts, acoustic ceilings and other such similar equipment’s. For isolation of vibration from equipment’s, engineers often recommend spring hangers as they effectively isolate transmission of vibration and sounds from structure.

The principles of anti-vibration hangers are similar to that of the anti-vibration mounts. The higher the deflection of the resilient elements, the higher the efficiency of vibration isolation. Typically, spring anti-vibration mounts with very low natural frequency are used for vibration absorption in a wide range of building and industrial applications which require low frequency vibration control. Further, springs combined with anti-vibration rubber mats and feet at the base of the antivibration mountings increases the vibration isolation efficiency in high frequencies. Antivibration spring mounts are primarily used in low frequency vibration damping that includes applications like air handling units, cooling towers, chillers, reciprocating engines, air compressors, etc.

When it comes to rubber antivibration mounts, they are widely used in vibration isolation of mechanical equipment and HVAC applications. Rubber antivibration mounts are comparatively economical and easy to install. They facilitate protection from vibrations and reduce structure-borne noise transmission. One of the major benefits of these rubber anti-vibration mounting products are that they provide vibration isolation and also aid in fixing the machine on to the ground which ultimately results in greater deflection.

On the other hand, Anti-vibration Hangers are used in pipe works, airducts, air-conditioning units exhaust systems and other similar application for effective high frequency vibration suspension. Further, these equipment’s prevent many installation errors by allowing sufficient degree of movement of piping which also eliminates the need of flexible hose connections. They also take care of expansion problems of high riser pipe lines.

Anti-vibration hangers come in a wide variety and used in various industrial applications. Broadly classified as anti-vibration spring hangers and rubber-in shear anti-vibration hangers, these isolation equipment’s are highly used in suspended applications. While a wide range of anti-vibration hangers with helical coil springs are typically used in low frequency applications, the Rubber-in-shear anti-vibration hangers are used for absorption of sound and shock with combination of spring & rubber-in shear for critical areas. Typically, anti-vibration isolation hangers are used in applications like acoustical ceiling, air handling units, air conditioner, axial fans blowers, ductwork exhaust system, fan coil units, Fans lighting fixtures, pipe works, pumps and other such similar applications.

Anti-vibration hangers are typically designed and built for long-rugged services. Their excellent properties achieve elevated isolation as opposed to other anti-vibration mounts using rubber or cork, or a combination of both. These anti-vibration hangers are manufactured in a way that adapts better to the load of different application. Perfectly designed for facilitating easy installation, these anti-vibration hangers make for a great industrial isolation equipment. Their rugged metal parts can withstand heavy tensile stress while their anti-corrosive treatment can withstand harsh environment conditions. Their features make an it an idea anti-vibration isolation equipment for suspended industrial and HVAC applications.


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