Air compressor mounting pads for effective isolation of industrial air compressing units

Air compressors is the heart of a pneumatic system, that acts as a source for high density compressed air for activating the entire system and generating desired output. A basic pneumatic system consists of control valves, pipelines & pipe fittings and pneumatic accessories which are all activated through a single source of compressed air generated from the air compressor. Theoretically, an air compressor converts electrical energy into kinetic energy in the form of air; it reduces the volume of air and induces pressure in the air through mechanical arrangement. Air compressors are widely used in Industrial as well as non-industrial applications. It is widely used in railways for the brake system, in agricultural for accessories like dusters and sprayer, etc. In general compressors applications are not restricted to any particular industry rather its solely depends upon the applications. Air compressors are classified according to method of energy transferred and the pressure generation i.e. positive displacement and dynamic compressors.

While Air compressors are proven to be excellent and cheap source of energy for any application, they are known to generate high frequency Vibrational energy. The vibrations we feel and its intensity is dependent on proximity to the source, as well as other variables in the particular environment. As soon as vibrational energy from source comes in contact with mounting surface, a portion of the waves are absorbed into that surface, while the remaining deflects back resulting in vibrations. However, antivibration pads can be used for solving issues like these. Equipment’s like the air compressor mounting pads can be installed to reduce or limit such kind of vibrational issues.

How effective a surface can absorb sound or vibration is dependent on the material from which it is made or how well the air compressor mounting pads isolate the vibration from the source. The Anti vibrational control methodology applied to isolate the source of vibration from system is by using air compressor mounting pads. While there are several ways to reduce the effect of vibrations and provide effective dampening, one of the cheapest, effective and efficient method to create an isolation is by means of installing Air compressor mounting pads.

Air Compressor Mounting pads are specifically designed to insulate and avoid transfer of vibrations from air compressor to mounting floor. It forms a layer between compressor and mounting floor, which scatters the vibrational energy resulting in peaceful working environment. It not only reduces the transfer of energy but also reduces the level of noise during the operation of the compressor. Air compressor mounting pads simplifies the process of installation by enabling quick and fast pace installation of the unit. Air compressor mounting pads are fabricated from highly engineered material with complex structural arrangement to control vibrations at optimum levels. They possess an exceptionally high coefficient of friction that provides effective stability to the compressors. Air compressor mounting pads are one of the very few simplest yet very effective antivibration pads or equipment’s used to reduce vibrations from a given system. These antivibration pads can be designed in varying size and shape depending on the application and size of machine in use. So, make these air compressor mounting pads a part of your system to solve vibrational issues from your industrial unit.


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