Keep the vibrations out with the wire rope isolators

Equipment and machinery in the industrial environment are subject to vibration and shock. Whether it is mechanical, electrical or electronic equipment, vibration and shock lead to Keep the vibrations out with the wire rope isolatorsshortening of life of the machinery. At times the equipment suffers withdrawal from service due to the severe impact of vibrations. This premature failure is a result of stress due to repeated load or fatigue or a combination of both.

The Andre HVAC wire rope isolators come quite handy in preventing such conditions. They are designed to take care of shock and vibration issues in most of the situations. Your HVAC equipment gets protected as the wire isolators do not allow the vibrations and shock to get transferred.


The wire rope isolators are ideally suited for heavy duty machinery like generators, HVAC equipment, motors, pumps and blower fans. Each wire rope mount comes with softened non-linear stiffness. The maximum dynamic displacement is over 70 per cent of the space taken up by the mount. As there is an increase in displacement the dynamic stiffness of the wire isolator decreases.

Wire rope selection:

In the wire rope mounts the key is to select the wire rope with proper characteristics, which include the wire length, number of strands, wire diameter, wire rope twist and number of wire ropes per section. The wire isolators are capable of providing a damping between 5% and 20%. You can go in for a larger diameter rope for maximizing the damping, while the wire rope isolator becomes stiffer. The basic framework of the Andre HVAC wire rope vibration isolators consists of a heavy duty category stainless steel interweaved wire rope and retaining bars made of aluminum alloy. The wire rope is threaded through the retaining bars to form a solid combination.

Space constraint:

The compact wire rope isolators are passive in nature and occupy very little space. When there is a space constraint you can go in for the compact wire rope isolators or the circular wire rope isolators. These wire isolators provide the same vibration and shock isolation capabilities as the normal wire rope mounts, but they are just smaller in size. They hardly need any maintenance and are capable of operating under a wide range of temperatures and corrosive environments.

Environmental impact:

While the temperature range is very wide, from -200o F to +650oF, the corrosive environments like humidity, ozone layer, nuclear radiation, grease and oils have almost nil effect on the cable isolators. They have a long life span and can take care of elastic displacement in every dimension, thus allowing for vibration isolation in multiple directions. The Andre HVAC wire rope isolators for vibration damping can be installed in a number of ways.

Other applications:

The defense shock mounts are ideal for all types of military applications, avionics, marine equipment, and drones to name a few. They are suitable for transportation of missiles and satellites, protection for navigation and launching systems as well as large scale construction.

The Andre HVAC brings to you the Enidine wire rope isolators which possess environmental stability and are not affected by oils, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and temperature extremes. They are suited for the applications that demand the highest level of quality, performance and ruggedness.

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