Spring hanger, an equipment perfect for isolation of vibration for suspended applications


 Spring Hanger are equipments used for the purpose of isolation of low frequency vibrations that are generated by suspended mechanical equipment like those of fans, pipes, duct works, fan coil units, air-conditioning units, exhaust systems etc. They are also used for false-ceiling applications like in cinemas, studios, theaters etc, offering a very low natural frequency. Spring hangers are typically designed & engineered depending on the type of application they are used in.

They are equipments that can be customized in accordance to the specifications made for the load range. In case of an application having increased weight and limited hanging points, Heavy duty spring and rubber anti vibration hangers are used in applications. In such applications, heavy duty anti-vibration hangers are used so as to mainly sustain the increased weight, & at the same time provide adequate spring vibration isolation.

Spring hangers that have very low natural frequency value are basically used for vibration absorption in an extensive range of domestic and industrial applications. In order to achieve better & improved results, a combination of steel springs and rubber elements are used in the spring hangers for various applications. Encompassing of springs & rubber materials in the spring hanger provides maximum static deflection that enhances the efficiency of isolation. To achieve optimum performance, the spring hangers are designed in a way that best suits a particular application. Mostly having used in the suspended piping and duct work, the Spring Hanger Mount preventing transmission of vibration to surrounding structure or applications.

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