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The vibration isolation mounts and isolators are used to insulate a piece of equipment from the source of vibrations. The vibrations propagate with the help of mechanical waves and cause the supports and base frames to vibrate in harmony. If the natural frequency of the support frame matches that of the induced vibrations, it causes resonance leading to a very high noise.

The anti-vibration manufacturers make use of materials and mechanical linkages that absorb and dampen the mechanical waves. The process is called passive vibration isolation. A wide variety of vibration control products is manufactured using this anti-vibration spring mountsprocess. These include the anti-vibration spring mounts used for a variety of applications like HVAC, fans, pumps, and motors etc. Let us look at these different types of vibration isolation mounts.

The HVAC spring mounts are capable of providing vertical and horizontal deflection of up to one inch. They come with easy installation and mounting options like only caps, lower base and cap, and lower and upper base. The bases are provided with mounting holes while the caps can easily locate into female slots in the equipment. The HVAC vibration isolator consists of a helical coil spring and an elastomeric element. This simple arrangement in the HVAC vibration isolators makes them suitable for vibration and noise reduction. They are thus recommended for use in fans, AHUs, pumps, generators and other HVAC equipment.

The anti-vibration machinery mounts are designed to support heavy equipment and absorb any kind of intermittent or continuous vibration. The vibration isolators for the machinery are available in a wide range and cater to the leveling requirements, shock and noise absorption. The isolator mounts effectively increase the service life of the machines with smooth and accurate operations.

The free-standing spring isolators for fans are highly effective for control of both high and low-frequency vibrations. The fans and pumps are capable of generating both types of vibrations and these anti-vibration spring mounts come in quite handy to absorb these vibrations and reduce the noise.  The vibration eliminators are available with a high range of static deflections and load capacities.

The pump vibration isolators are available in both spring and rubber options depending on the customer requirement. The rubber isolators are designed with a mounting base and cap on the top and the rubber element sandwiched between the two. The spring options are available as single or double spring models. The base plate of the anti-vibration motor mount has welded channels to guide the movement of the top plate resting on the springs. These types of anti-vibration spring mounts are suitable for engine and motor-driven pumps, utility sets, reciprocating compressors, engine driven compressor sets and refrigeration machines.

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