The compact wire rope isolator solutions in space constrained applications

When the requirement of vibration isolation of electronic components was felt, the industry first came up with elastomers. These were selected on their properties of vibration The compact wire rope isolator solutions in space constrained applicationsdamping and ease of fitment in limited space. But unfortunately, the elastomer was not able to cope up with the temperature extremes and harsh environments. It was also not providing the solution to simultaneous shock and vibration.  The wire rope isolators were too big for the electronic applications and hence an alternative was worked out. That is when the compact wire rope isolators came into being.

The design aspect:

The compact wire rope isolators are designed for simultaneous or separate vibration and shock mitigation in the areas where there is a space constraint. The compact wire rope isolators have a symmetrical design and a one point installation. Thus, they provide multi-axis isolation which is quite consistent. Since the compact isolators are small in size they are specifically utilized for isolation of critical individual components rather than the system as a whole. Thus, the compactness makes the isolators economical and also allows for high performance system designs.

The properties:

The compact wire rope isolators are made up of 304 stainless steel wire rope and 6061 – T6 aluminium alloy retaining bars. The wire rope comprises of a number of high tensile wire strands which are braided together. The metallic components are unaffected by ozone, chemicals and oils. In fact, the compact wire isolators can withstand corrosive and hostile requirement also.  They also withstand extreme temperatures from -100oC and going up to 250oC.The standard products from Andre HVAC compact wire isolators accommodate the load from 5 to 35 Kg. The products also conform to a number of military standards and industry specifications.

Impact load performance:

The maximum dynamic displacement utilizes 70 per cent of the space taken up by the compact wire rope mount. The dynamic stiffness decreases with the increase in displacement. The resilience is shown by the compact wire rope isolator in case of a shock loading. The wire isolator does buckle under the load but without getting permanently deformed. It is able to spring back into position once the shock load is avoided.

More properties:

The compact wire rope isolators depict non-linear characteristics in the stiffness properties. The smaller deflections which are normally linked with vibration isolation will have a dissimilar spring rate rather than the larger shock deflections. The damping offered by the compact isolator is to the tune of 5 to 15% depending on the size and input level. The multi-axis capability allows the wire isolator to undertake compression load, 45o compression/roll and fixed roll/ shear load with ease.

The industrial use:

The design of the compact wire rope isolators allows it to be used in a number of applications. In the electronic industry they used for CD-ROM drives and disk drives. The equipment like centrifuges and medical ventilators make use of the compact design. Besides them a number of other applications like audio-visual equipment, avionics, sensitive electronic equipment and small pumps and motors make use of the compact wire rope isolators.

The compact wire rope isolators from Andre HVAC are a versatile piece of equipment offering vibration and shock mitigation solutions.

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