Choose the right wire rope isolators for your HVAC requirements

Are you in the process of installing HVAC equipment in your home or for commercial use? The equipment could include air-handling units, heating and cooling coils, variable speed drives, fan coil units, chiller units, condensing units, indoor units, and dedicated outdoor air systems. Most of the equipment are motorized and generate a huge amount of vibration. These vibrations are transmitted to the mounting frame or floor to the recipient area.

Taking care of vibrations:

The vibrations which are in the low frequency range are the major cause for structural fatigue and failure. The best way to prevent the transmission of vibrations is to make use of wire rope isolators between the HVAC equipment and the receiving structure. The wire rope mounts are very effective in blocking the vibrations in both the directions. It means that not only the vibrations from the HVAC equipment to the support are mitigated, but the other vibrations from the support are also blocked from travelling to the HVAC equipment. Thus, the wire isolators also protect the HVAC equipment from damage.

Handling space limitations:

If you are using the equipment inside the house and there is a limitation of space, you can go in for the compact wire rope isolators. They have a symmetrical design and provide a multi-axis isolation. Since they are small in size it is recommended to use separate compact wire rope isolators for each piece of equipment rather than for the whole HVAC system. The best part is that you can mount these cable isolators along any axis in the bottom or traverse position. That proves how versatile these wire rope vibration isolators are.

Simplicity of design:

The Andre HVAC wire rope isolators are very simple in design. They have the two primary components. The first one of these is a steel wire rope made up of multiple strands of high tensile steel wires braided together to give it strength and fatigue resistance properties. The other part is the aluminum alloy retaining bars. The wire rope is coiled through the set of the retainer bars and crimped using a patented design. When one has a look at the simple design of the wire rope mounts, it makes him wonder how it mitigates the vibrations so well.

Tackling harsh environments:

In case you are planning to mount the HVAC equipment in an area where there are chances of chemicals and oils coming in contact with the wire rope isolator for vibration damping, you can opt for the Enidine wire rope isolators. They not only handle harsh and corrosive atmospheres but also large amount of temperature variations also. Thus the Enidine wire rope isolator falls into the category of fit and forget wire rope vibration isolators.

The Andre HVAC wire rope isolators resolve the shock and vibration issue in virtually any application. They are especially suited for the HVAC equipment. The standard wire rope mount designs can be selected by the use of simple formulas, while the customized options are made available as per requirement.

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