Andre HVAC equipments for effective vibration isolation of mechanical equipments

What is mechanical vibration?

In simple terms vibration in mechanical equipment is simply the back and forth motion or oscillation of machines and components, such as pumps, compressors generators and so on that make up mechanical systems. Vibrations in industrial equipments are common phenomena. Massive vibrations in a machine can be a sign of trouble. However Vibration is not always an issue. In fact in most cases vibration is inherent in machine design. For instance, vibration is almost unavoidable in the operation of reciprocating pumps, compressors, internal combustion engines, and gear drives. In a well-engineered & well-maintained machine, such vibration should be no cause for concern.

So when does vibration become a problem?

Most industrial devices are designed to function smoothly and avoid vibration. In machines, vibration can indicate problems or deterioration in the equipment if vibration increases beyond normal levels. If the underlying causes for vibration are not corrected, it can cause a lot of damage. This is where the use of vibration isolation pads comes into the picture. Based on the cause of vibration isolations pads are selected and designed for the machinery for vibration shock & noise absorption.

Andre HVAC, a leading manufacturer of vibration isolation equipments, offers a range of solution for all kinds of noise & vibration of mechanical equipments. We are a one stop solution for all vibration & noise isolation issues. Our range of products include

  • ·         Anti – Vibration Pads (Waffle and Ribbed)
  • ·         Rubber Cork Pads and Rubber Steel Rubber Pads
  • ·         Spring Mounts / Spring Isolators
  • ·         Spring Hangers
  • ·         Rubber in Shear Mounts / Hangers & much more.

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