Wire rope isolators a guaranteed solution to problems of Vibration from industrial machines

Wire rope isolators are high performance isolation equipment’s used in a number of industries to curb the problem of vibrations from machines. These equipment’s are one of a kind instruments designed with an intention to offer maximum vibration isolation to machines in which they are installed. Generally, Wire Rope vibration Isolators are made-up of stainless steel cables and aluminium retaining bars that provides excellent vibration isolation to industrial machines. Not just that, being a corrosion resistant equipment, they are highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions, providing high performance on a variety of applications in which they are installed. These vibration wire rope isolators are completely unaffected by any liquid, oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and temperature extremes.
Wire rope isolators
also comes in a compact form known as the compact wire rope isolators. These are no different than the general ones except for the fact that compact wire rope isolators are smaller in size. Further, as compared to the traditional ones, these wirerope isolators are known for their capabilities of efficiently absorbing shock and vibration in spaces between machines and the equipment. Compact isolators offer single point mounting which makes them highly flexible and easy for integrating into existing products. As a versatile piece of equipment, it offers different mounting options, crimping patterns, and size variation. In fact, the helical wire rope isolator can help your systems meet all standard requirements for industrial, defence, and commercial uses. Both compact wire rope isolators and the tradition wire rope isolators can be used on components or machine in which their motors and fans produce vibrations onto surrounding structures.

We all know that shock and vibration can together or individually influence the performance and life expectancy of nearly all kind of mechanical and electrical device, be it large or small. However, with isolation equipment’s like the vibration wire rope isolators, it can really make the difference. Wire rope isolators have found numerous applications in the shock and vibration isolation of military hardware and industrial machinery. However, most applications of wire rope isolators are equipment’s that needs to be mounted against shock or vibration, but where sound isolation is typically a minor issue and given not much of importance.

The wire rope company vibration isolation dampeners are products designed to effectively reduce transmitted shock and vibration and provide means and ways of adjustment up to the precise level, aligning, and supporting the industrial machinery. These products generally provide protection to systems like the industrial machinery and building structures from incoming vibration and shocks caused by machinery. It is rightly said in today’s industry that no other isolator in the market can match the versatility and performance characteristics of the wire rope Isolator. So, if you have plans of buying one for your industrial machines, do consider consulting specialists of the industry before purchasing one. Understand from the manufacturers how best wire rope isolators will help you solve vibration and shock issues for your machineries and then accordingly invest in what best suits your requirement.



Custom designed wire rope isolators for shock and vibration isolation

Constant high frequency vibrations and shocks affect equipments causing structural damage. This in turn affects the operation of the equipment and stalls the entire working system of a machine. Hence, adding isolation equipment for vibration and shock absorption at the source is essential. For situations like these Wire Rope Isolator can be effectively used to isolate machines from any form of disturbing vibrations.  Wire Isolators are typically passive isolator that exhibits spectacular isolation capabilities.

Vibration isolation wire ropes are equipments that consists stranded wire ropes made up of individual wire strands and placed between metal retain bars that offer vibration isolation. Wire rope isolators provide damping of shock and vibration by virtue of relative motion between wire strands. In addition to damping vibration they also limit the noise and vibration occurrence caused during to start-up and shut-down transients.

Andre HVAC Inc offers a wide variety of wire rope isolators and shock isolators that are known to resolve issues pertaining to shock and vibration prevalent in any application. Depending on the machine in use, and the nature of problem, one needs to select relevant vibration wire rope isolators.

Select a wire rope isolator with right wire diameter, number of strands, cable length, cable twist that perfectly suits your machine. We provide isolators that offer superior equipment protection from any form of damage caused due to vibration or shock. Further, our vibration isolation wire rope equipment requires no maintenance, is compact and functional even under the most extreme conditions, temperature and corrosive environments.

The wire vibration isolators offer attenuation of shock similar to as they attenuate vibration disturbance. The wire rope isolators are specifically designed in a way that handles both shock and vibration. They attenuate shock with minimum travel and provide large deflection to limit the impacts within acceptable range. In addition to this its all-axes isolation permits installation vertically, horizontally or laterally offering maximum isolation. So, in case you are on a look for isolation equipments for your industrial machines then do get in touch with us to avail the best for you.



Series of Wire rope isolators offered by Andre HVAC

Wire rope isolators in general

There is a wide range of wire rope isolators available in the market that helps combat shock and vibration issues in virtually any application they are installed in. For effective shock and vibration isolation you need to select wire rope isolators that are perfectly well designed with the right wire diameter, right number of strands per section, cable length and twist. Basically these wire rope isolators are designed to provide inherent damping by the virtue of relative motion between the wire strands. The damping thus limits vibration shock and the start-up and shut-down transients in the machine.  Ideally, these vibration isolation wire rope systems require less or no maintenance, takes up limited space and keep functioning under varying temperatures and in corrosive environments.

Types of wire rope isolators

Wire rope isolators come in three different variants including heavy duty wire rope isolators, compact wire rope isolators, and circular wire rope isolators. So, depending on the application in use and the requirement one can decide on the type of wire rope isolator required for n application.

  • Heavy duty wire rope isolators – Heavy duty wire rope isolators are often used in applications that require powerful vibration isolation. These wire rope isolators offer multi-dimensional vibration and shock isolation for all kinds of application in which they are installed. Designed and made of high quality stainless steel braided cable thread, these heavy duty wire rope offer maximum shock and vibration isolation. General applications of Heavy duty wire rope isolators include aircraft, engines, generators, military equipment, marine equipment, shipping containers, ship and boat antennas, compressors, industrial equipment.
  • Compact wire rope isolators

Compact wire rope isolators are small in size and specially designed for applications that have space constrains. Just like any normal vibration isolators they too offer maximum vibration and shock isolation. General application of these wire rope vibration isolators includes Computer Cases, Hard Drives, Generators, Mounted Cameras, Mobile, Drones, Medical equipments etc.

  • Circular wire rope isolator

Circular wire rope isolators are circular in shape are compact in design, ideal for applications that have space limit. These wire rope isolators provide multi-directional shock and vibration isolation like any normal wire rope isolators and can be installed in different ways to meet any application requirement.

 Wire rope isolators offered by Andre HVAC international

Andre HVAC International Inc offers wire rope isolators that are built with heavy duty stainless steel braided wire rope cable threaded in aluminum alloy retaining bars, and crimped and mounted for effective shock and vibration isolation. Built from the best quality corrosion resistant stainless steel these wire rope mounts are unaffected by any harsh environmental conditions, temperatures, oils, abrasives, humidity, ozone, grease, chemicals, ozone, dust and erosion from solvent.  These wire ropes are high performing shock and vibration isolator used in range of applications. Having a comparatively longer life span, ability of adapting to elastic displacement in all dimensions, allowing multi-directional vibration isolation and capability of installing in different ways, makes it an ideal vibration isolation equipment for your applications.


Why are wire rope isolators considered to be high performing vibration isolators?

Wire rope isolators are high performing vibration isolation equipments that help in the dampening of high frequency of noise and vibration coming from different applications. These wire rope isolators are designed and built of high quality stainless steel cable and aluminum retaining bars that offers fabulous vibration isolation. Further, these wire rope isolators are corrosion resistant, and are completely unaffected by oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and temperature extremes.

Ideal to be used in a wide variety of applications these vibration isolators offer high performance in terms of isolation. They are specially designed in a way that absorbs shock and vibration while also offering the flexibility for integration into existing products. Offering versatile mounting options, crimping patterns, and size variation, these wire ropes meet all the system requirements for industrial, defense, and commercial application.

Wire rope isolators available in the market are designed and manufactured to the most stringent quality criteria. Listed below are some of the features that highlight the reasons why vibration wire rope isolators are the best and the most high performing vibration isolation equipment.

  • Wire rope isolators offer an excellent combination of shock and vibration isolation.
  • They poses high damping ratio as compared to normal vibration isolators.
  • They have the ability to withstand wide temperature range.
  • The wire rope isolators have an extremely rugged construction and known to have a long life span.
  • With wire ropes you need not worry about creeping or aging.
  • They are not affected by any form of chemicals, water, ozone, UV rays, etc.
  • These isolation equipments are versatile in nature and come in a wide variety of sizes, fittings and patterns.
  • Overall wire rope isolators are high quality vibration isolation equipments that are economical yet high performing and high dampening isolation equipment.

Wire rope isolators in military industry

Military industry which is all about defense and security requires isolation equipments to absorb shock and vibration emitted from the machines. This is exactly when the industry utilizes wire rope isolators of for the purpose of shock and vibration isolation.  Andre HVAC International is a reputed company offering quality wire rope isolators to various industries for the purpose of helping their clients resolve issues related to shock and vibration.

Need of wire rope isolator in the military industry

Wire rope vibration isolators or shock isolators play a critical role in the defense or military industry. These vibration isolator wire ropes are required to ensure that the equipments in defense industry are shock and vibration isolated. Equipments and machines in the industry generating high vibration and shock may lead to serve damage, human life casualties or even death. Further, defense equipments are often subjected to high level pressure and temperature variation. Hence, wire rope isolators for vibration dampening are designed and utilized in way to withstand any form of pressure or strain, making it ideal equipment for the defense or military industry.

Wire rope isolators utilized in the military industry

Wire rope isolator or wire rope mounts are widely used in the military industry for various purposes. These cable isolators help in dampening of high level vibrations affecting the equipments in use. They help in absorbing vibration from the source and in turn minimize the damage caused to the rest of the machine. Wire rope vibration isolator is versatile equipment that is designed to withstand any level of pressure. Hence, they are commonly used in military tank, fighter jets and aircrafts for absorbing any form of pressure and dampening of vibration and shock. Since wire rope isolators are strong equipments they are therefore ideal for military industry.

In addition to the military industry, these compact wire rope isolators are also widely used in the aerospace industry that manufactures fighter jets. Other than that vibration isolation wire rope is used in dampening of vibration and shock.

General application of wire rope isolators and mounts

Constructed of stainless steel cables, wire rope isolators are designed and built for heavy-duty applications. These isolators are maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant and also offer dampening or isolation of vibration, noise and shock in all directions. Being a versatile piece of equipment, wire rope isolator has its use in many industries including aerospace, military, medical, shipping and other such industries. These wire isolators are generally used in electronics, airborne equipment, generators, motors, pumps, fans, HVAC equipment, marine equipment, mechanical devices, compressors etc.

High performance wire rope isolators selection guide for 2017

Andre HVAC International Inc offers highly efficient and effective wire rope isolators that are developed in compliance with international standards. Perfectly designed for high shock isolation, these wire rope shock isolators are ingenious. Available in a broad range of designs and sizes to suit various applications these shock isolators will ensure consistent shock and vibration attenuation in your application.

The wire rope isolators are designed and manufactured with the sole purpose of protecting valuable equipments and industrial machines by preventing the harmful effects of shock and vibration on them. Their sturdy and rugged metallic design with stainless steel cable and aluminum retaining bars provides excellent isolation. Further, these wire isolators require no special maintenance and is suited to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Their performance is unaffected by any chemical, oil, moisture, abrasives and temperature extremes making it an ideal shock and vibration isolators for industrial use.

AndreHVAC compact wire rope isolators for vibration isolation. 
Our series of compact wire rope isolator are comparatively smaller than the usual ones.  Similar to the usual ones these wire isolators are specially designed in a way that can absorb shock and vibration in small spaces. Offering flexibility for integration into existing products and with versatile options, crimping patterns, and size variation, these wire rope isolators help your equipment meet all requirements for industrial, commercial and military specifications of MIL, JSS, and NSS.

Wire rope isolators from Andre HVAC exhibit some unique capabilities in terms of operating in extreme temperature range, resilient to extreme conditions, maintenance free operation and long service life. They offer a unique combination of high level shock and vibration isolation that helps protect the equipment from any kind of adversity. These vibration isolation wire ropes constructed in a way that they can be loaded in any direction without facing the risk of malfunctioning. In case your application parameters do not meet the standard product line, we can help you with such issues as well. At Andre HVAC International Inc we have the engineering capabilities and resources to design, develop, test and recommend a custom solution to suit your specific application requirement.

A trusted source of Wire Rope Isolators
Reliable and cost-effective these vibration wire rope isolators are commonly used in equipments that require mounting against shock and vibration and where sound isolation is of least importance.  The common application of wire rope isolators are in airborne equipment, generators, motors, pumps, blowers, fans, HVAC equipment, marine equipment, mechanical devices, engine suspension, rough terrain vehicles, industrial and medical equipment, mobile equipment, compressors, shipping containers, industrial and military applications and much more. So, in case you are looking for the best, high-quality, wire rope isolators you can surely contact us. We are among the few best wire rope isolator manufacturers and suppliers offering quality products tour clients.

Take to the wire rope isolators for vibration damping in challenging environments

We come across challenging work areas and harsh environments quite often. The defense forces have to tackle the tough terrains, rough seas and air turbulence during their routine forays. There are equipment, machines and sensitive electronic devices that are required to operate and perform in these conditions along with the human beings. The industrial environments with the chemicals, oils and water can be tough on the sensitive equipment and machines. The shock loads and vibrations can take their toll in the telling environment if not taken care of. This is where the wire rope isolators pitch in to effectively counter these forces and protect your equipment.

Simple construction with engineered design: The wire rope isolator is a simple looking piece of equipment. That is the reason you will find plenty of wire rope isolator

ANDRE Wire Rope Series

ANDRE Wire Rope Series

manufacturers around the world and in your local areas as well. The wire rope going round in loops through two aluminum brackets holding them looks easy to manufacture. However, there is a scientific engineering that is behind the design of a wire rope isolator. The diameter of the wire rope and the diameter of the loop are important considerations when it comes to meeting the vibration damping requirements. The elasticity of the loop makes it act as a spring which deflects under load. The deflection of 5 to 15 per cent is what the isolators can take easily.

Adequate corrosion protection: When you look at the wire rope isolators for sale a few things related to the corrosion resistance must be kept in mind. A good design makes sure that the isolator does not rust or corrode irrespective of the oil, water and chemical atmosphere that it is exposed to. The brackets are made of aluminum while the wire rope strands are of stainless steel. The hardware used must be plated in order to protect it from rusting. A good wire rope isolator manufacturer will ensure that all the environment protection systems are in order.

Helical wire rope isolators: The helical cable isolator is the commonly used product in the wire rope isolators damping applications. It is a versatile product providing maintenance-free service even in harsh environments. The selection tables help you in making a choice from the standard sizes with load capacities in the range from 1 KG to 2500 KGs. They are not only popular in the military applications but are also used in the industry. The capability of the wire rope isolators is well known to the engineers who do not hesitate in prescribing them for the areas that are prone to the passive vibrations.

Following are some of the important characteristics of the wire rope isolators:

  • All-metal constitution with a trouble-free lifespan
  • They provide a suitable deflection and a high damping ratio
  • Adequate corrosion protection
  • Fail safe design
  • Customized solutions are easy and fast
  • Wide range available to make an easy choice
  • Operating temperature range from -125oC to 350oC
  • Delivers the right amount of wire rope isolator damping to meet the client specifications

Compact wire isolators: The circular wire rope isolators are recommended for applications where there is a limitation of space. The discerning feature is that they give the isolation protection in all the directions. The standard areas of application include avionics, electronics, and medical equipment but you will also find them in tough environments like military equipment, motors, pumps, and generators. Like the helical cable isolator, the circular wire rope isolators also provide a maintenance free operation and desired corrosion protection.

Make the right choice: The selection of the wire rope is critical for any application involving the wire rope isolator. The wire diameter, number of strands, wire length, wire twist, and The compact wire rope isolator solutions in space constrained applicationsthe number of strands per section are important parameters besides the deflection characteristics and spring constant. The information is available easily for you to make the right choice.

Andre HVAC International Inc. has been leading the drive against the vibrations with its wide range of wire rope mounts and isolators. If you try for wire rope isolators Canada you are likely to come across AHI. Being in this field since 2003, AHI offers customized solutions to its clients, wherever the need for the same arises. There are extensive wire rope isolator selection guides available in the form of catalogues and literature on the website for the ease of customers. The wire rope isolator price based on your selection is available on request.

The vibration damping solutions powered by wire rope isolators

For compact applications where there is a limitation of space, the circular

anti-vibration mount wire rope isolator

anti-vibration mount wire rope isolator

wire rope isolators come in handy. The cables are of stainless steel while the mounting plates are of aluminum. These circular wire rope isolators for vibration damping are maintenance free and resistant to corrosion. The best feature is that they provide isolation protection in all directions. The circular wire rope isolators are recommended for use in electronics, medical equipment and avionics. On the rugged side, they find the application in military equipment, generators, motors and pumps.

wire rope isolator


The helical cable isolator:  The most commonly used wire rope isolator for vibration damping is the helical coil isolator. Like the circular wire rope isolator, the helical cable isolator is very versatile and provides trouble-free service even in hostile environments. It can be selected from a wide range of standard sizes with load capacities varying from around 1 Kg to 2500 Kgs. Besides the use in military applications, they are also popular in the industrial and commercial markets. The engineers are aware of the wire rope isolator damping capability and do not hesitate in prescribing them at the passive vibration prone areas.

Some of the discerning features of the wire rope isolators are as follows:

  • They provide a high damping ratio
  • Solid build with maintenance free lifespan
  • Capable of withstanding harsh environments
  • Custom design prototyping is easy and quick
  • Shock and vibration isolation to meet customer requirement
  • Wide variety and range available

The wire rope isolator anti-vibration mount can be used on the equipment where motors and fans produce vibrations that are transmitted to surrounding structures.

Anti-vibration mounting pads: On the basis of the application, load and space the selection can be made for the right anti-vibration pad. The machine anti-vibration pads or mounts not only provide the vibration damping but also leveling adjustment and traction on the floor.

Anti-vibration mounting pads

Anti-vibration mounting pads

The elastic anti-vibration mounting pads are used in generators, presses, pumps and compressors. There is no need for making any separate foundation or anchoring. The rubber-metal mounting pads are designed to use the elastomer element in compression and shear. The rubber used has a shore A hardness of 50 to 80 depending on the application. They have a very low natural frequency and hence provide excellent damping of machine vibrations.

It was in the year 2003 that Andre HVAC International Inc. made the foray into the anti-vibration arena as anti-vibration pad supplier and wire rope isolator manufacturer. They also tapped the wire rope isolators Canada market before expanding business globally. They provide customer support through wire rope isolator selection guide as well as by working along with them for specific design requirements.  The wire rope isolator CAD model can be used to convert the custom requirement into a practical solution. In the online presence, the wire rope isolators for sale are available at attractive prices. The wire rope isolator price is listed in the wire rope isolator selection guide or available separately. AHI is the wire rope isolator company that has the sol